Brazier – what a bloody joke

All he does is wax lyrical about his opinions; bully for him. What people really want to see is politicians and senior people being held to account; he does none of that but Andrew Neil, whom he replaced, regularly pulled politicians apart.

Andrew Neil, in his first week, ripped Richi Sunak apart but since Brazier has been in charge, there has been bugger all of that. THAT is what he is supposed to do.

The bullish other programmes do the same. They come across as hard nosed but they do not hold ANYONE to account, other than the nutters who shut the M25. Well, that is a very easy ride.

GB News has some good journalists, very good journalists such as Mark White, Simon McCoy, Kirsty Gallaher, Alastair Stewart, Liam Halligan and Tom Harwood. These people prop up the likes of Michelle Dewbury, who is a “media sensation” but is not a journalist and is very uneducated and many others. Thank goodness they took off Rebecca Hutson, who was dreadful; what the hell were they thinking of? Head of digital? I don’t think so. Good riddance

What is good about GB News is the outside broadcasters; they are passionate about the areas in which they live

Even when I am writing this, the whole issue on Dewbury is about female crime; of course, she has an all female panel. It goes on and fucking on. What about the poor bastards (men) who are killed every single day. Don’t they fucking matter?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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