An email to my GP

This is to Dr Kitova, who is my joint GP, whilst my GP is on holiday, again! It is self explanatory

Re: Currently unwell


  •  South Wight Medical Practice

Dear Dr Kitova,
Thank you for your email and message. I was asleep as, by 12, I am exhausted, both mentally and physically.
This has been building up now for 5 1/2 years, ever since my daughter falsely accused me of sexual abuse. I proved my innocence but no action was taken by the police against her, for making a false statement and wasting police time. It was less than two years later that I found out that my father had actually paid her to do it.
It was when I came across her blog that she had written in April 2017, repeating the same sex abuse allegations that had been proven false 6 months before, that I decided to write my blog in April 2018, to counter her false accusations. If it had not been there, I would not have started it. But because I was getting no justice from anybody and I was very angry, it led me to getting in a lot of trouble and I was found guilty of harassment in my absence, even though the courts knew that I was in a psychiatric hospital and ended up spending a month in a prison whilst on remand. 
That awful episode destroyed my life as I had lost the only person who I truly loved (my mother and my Liesel had already both died), my little girl and triggered something far worse. It unblocked the deep hidden memories that my father had sexually abused me as a boy. Everything made sense, especially the many issues with my bottom and the involuntary defaecation. In 2020, I was finally strong enough to report my father for sexual abuse and for inciting my daughter. That was a big step for me but I then could not believe that the police took no action against my father
He tried to bribe me in 2018 to leave the country but the police took no action. I have suffered financial abuse ever since but again the police would not take any action.
It is the complete sense of injustice and the fact that the police brutalised me that has destroyed my mental health.
That is why I run my blog to act as a pressure valve, otherwise I would have ended my life as I have wanted to do many times; I have now lost count
Dr Hill has written to those who have controlled me but excluding my father, as he now has advanced Alzheimer’s; my brother and non family members, who are all masons like my father but I doubt that anything is going to change. Perhaps, when Dr Hill returns, you and he can have a chat to discuss the best way forward because, as of now, it is only you two who have helped; not the police, not the trustees, not the solicitors and certainly not my family
Kind regards

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If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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