The murder of Alexander Litvinenko

The radioactive substance has now been traced back to the Russian reactor, from which it was obtained. As a result, the European Court of Human Rights have stated that there is a prima facie case that the Russian state actually murdered Alexander and has upheld the investigation carried out by the UK. We all know that the Russians murdered Alexander, as does just about every Western government.

But it is not just Alexander. The Russian’s did not care who was affected by the radioactive substance; many hundreds of innocent others were affected

Yes, we know that two “Russian monkeys” actually put the toxin into Alexander’s drink but it was the Russian state that incited the poisoning and we all know why; they are just collateral fodder.

As Vladimir Putin is the head of the Russian state, he is legally culpable, not just the people who actually carried out the poisoning. Take a different slant. If a member of the UK government seriously cocks up, it is the Prime Minister’s head that is cut off.

Although it could be argued that Putin has diplomatic immunity, a worldwide warrant should be issued for his arrest. Of course, any warrant will never be effected but if Putin steps one foot into the UK, then he should at the very least be arrested.

More so, if other Western countries accept the findings and all of the European states have to as their own high court has come to that very conclusion, a warrant should be issued for Putin’s arrest by all European countries and hopefully the US as well.

Cut off the snake’s head and the rest will die

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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