Nazanin Ratcliffe

The UK government has been pussy footing around long enough over the situation of this poor lady. Let’s face it, diplomacy has not worked. She has been incarcerated in one form or another since 3rd April 2016. That is 1,997 days exactly.

We should apply what Gladstone called “gunboat diplomacy” over more than a hundred years ago. It was very successful at the time.

We should do this in two ways. ANY money that relates to the Iranian government should be seized permanently and, secondly, we should go in and rescue Nazanin with the SAS or other armed forces.

If and when we get her out, what is Iran going to do? Issue Fatwahs against the entire UK government. Oooooh, so scared.

We have no loyalty to Iran, there are a terrorist and corrupt nation. So what if a few Iranian guards get killed in the process; Nazanin will be free. We cannot tell any of our allies, as people talk and governments like to “improve their lot”, regardless of who it is. It will have to be kept very close

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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