China, the SAS and everything

We all know that Covid started in a lab but we also know that although they locked down their own nation, they let the Chinese population fly throughout the world and spread the virus.

If they had nothing to hide, they would not have “torched” their lab so that no evidence remained; China has plenty to hide.

The Chinese ruling party have a completely different sense of morality to those in the West. If they could spread the virus around the world and destroy their competing economies, they would do it without a blink of an eye; just look what they do to some of their own people.

The technical agreement known as AUKUS is a great start but we have to realise that it is just a start. Despite a few new “toys”, our armed forces is pathetic. Even with two new aircraft carriers, we were not able to provide air cover to Kabul, to prevent the Taliban taking over so quickly. How many UK citizens have been stuck in Afghanistan as well as all of those Afghans who helped us in the last 20 years and are now in grave danger?

Given the clear threat with Chinese expansion, we need to beef up all of our armed forces. This cannot be done overnight but we must start as soon as possible and throw money at it, as we did for Covid, otherwise in 20 years time, we will be all speaking Chinese. China are the new Nazis.

Part of China’s power comes from the huge amount of “stuff” that they export. By not telling the world about the transmissibility of Covid, all of the world turned to China for PPE. So China not only wrecked the world’s economies, they profited from it as well. If so many millions had not died, I would say that it was clever.

I saw a interview between Nigel Farage and an ex SAS officer, who was involved in the Iranian embassy siege. He said that the way that the SAS now works, has changed, because of cost cutting. This is so wrong. The SAS have our “ultimate soldiers” and given the rise of terrorism, the SAS should get as much money as they need. They will not waste money; they are proper soldiers, not those in charge who have comfy lives and have an open cheque book in front of them and who waste billions of pounds.

Officially, we no longer have an army, as only have 70,000 personnel; that a bloody disgrace. Recent projects that have cost billions have completely failed. If there were people, with technical experience, in charge, they could have said that at the outset and so much money would not have been wasted. Those in charge of the military just throw money at projects that have no chance of working. Just think what those wasted billions could do to improve and expand the army.

We need to up our game and spend money wisely on the armed forces and to create a defence and offensive force that we had in years gone by and to not be a laughing stock.

Turning back to the strength of China’s industry, it will collapse if exports collapse. We have 1 million out of work. Let us invest money in ourselves so that our exports grow, imports plummet and China will end up on its knees, as their industry must expand by 5% a year in order that China can keep away from their looming debt crisis.

In 20 or 30 years time, we will be in grave danger and regardless of our allies, we have to protect ourselves, as it is quite clear that the USA will not help us in a time of emergency, as they are now so self absorbed.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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