The “Five eyes”, Nato and the US

Given the stance that is being taken by New Zealand in prohibiting nuclear submarines in their waters and given the fact that their premier waxed lyrical about China, if I was a decision maker, I would remove New Zealand from the “Five eyes” project as, at the end of the day, it is all about commerce and power and the Kiwis feel that they can get that my siding up with China; they just cannot be trusted.

As to Nato, it has kept us safe for decades but there now needs to be a Nato Mark 2, as it is clear that the US will not pull their weight when it comes to the crunch.

More so, I have heard from contributors, time after time, that Biden cannot string two sentences together. No one, absolutely no oine, is prepared to explore the fact that he may have dementia. Why is he called Sleepy Joe and carries a book around him at all times; he even forgot the name of the Australian Prime Minister.

Why is it that everyone is blind to what may be happening to Biden? Is everyone scared that if it is exposed that he does have dementia that war will break out? Let’s face it, if this is the case, Kamala Harris is no better; she has been seen nowhere. Is it a case that with Kamala Harris, it is a case of “fur coat and no knickers”, which in this context means that she is very amiable but does not have the “stuff” to sort things out?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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