The law suit against Morrisons plc has been filed and accepted

You will know my issue with Morrisons and their plastic bag scam

I have a great issue with plastic bags and so have bagless deliveries. But “because of Covid”, Morrisons introduced plastic bags unilaterally, charged you for them and refused to collect them.

There is no scientific basis for this, as the pickers didnt wear any protection and just put the ordered goods into the bags. So no Covid protection there then

I complained to head office of Morrisons and they stated “please store them, we will collect them and then refund you the cost” They had absolutely no intention of doing so.

I have now filed a law suit to recover the cost of the plastic bags, £25, and also £400,000 for breach of contract, for issuing the plastic bags in the first place and thus populating our world with yet more bags. They are not interested in the planet as they just want to make more money whenever they can.

I am so glad that I moved to Sainsbury’s

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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