I am suing Morrisons#2

I had another Sainsbury’s delivery today; I was delivered by one of my old very friendly delivery drivers.

He asked what had gone on in my life and why I had been absent. He said that he had driven passed my house many times and wondered if I was still here or not. I told him about the plastic bag issue with Morrisons.

He said that Sainsbury’s did indeed use plastic bags, during the major Covid crisis, as well but they never charged for them and took them back as well.

That just proves, if proof was needed, that Morrisons profiteered from the Covid crisis. It is not just the money as what they owe me is a couple of packets of cigarettes (which Morrisons are the most expensive, even the local petrol station). It is to do with the plastic. They would not have had Covid on the food and even if it had, it would have died within minutes.

I have been unwell these last few days, all brought on by stress, but the list of reasons as to why I am suing Morrisons grows longer and longer.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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