The great Isle of Wight council tax rip off

As everyone knows, I live on the Isle of Wight. I am going to use data from the two properties that I lived or live in; one in West Sussex and the one that I currently live in (which I hate as it has so many bad memories)

West Sussex – Sold for £1.02M – band H – Council tax before discounts £3021

Isle of Wight – Bought for £450,000 – band E – Council tax £2,503

You can already see the gross disparity

Based on the West Sussex house, the Isle of Wight council tax should be £1,332, £1,171 less than it should be

Or based on the Isle of Wight property, the West Sussex house should be £6,848, £3,827 or more than double

The infrastructure in West Sussex is far better than on the Isle of Wight, which is crumbling and if you want to go to the mainland, you do not have the criminal ferry charges to contend with.

But, as the ferry company is officially a duopoly but contrive with each other over fare prices, they ensure that the prices are kept high because Isle of Wight residents have no other choice.

It does not matter for inward holiday makers, as the cost of a holiday on the island is relatively cheap, so they take it “in the round”.

For a foot passenger, mile for mile, the cost is more than a first class airline ticket but for a ferry passenger, you have to buy your food and drink.

There have been proposals for a “hard link” to the island but the ferry companies will block it, as they have significant political sway. As for the political angle, Bob Seeley, the useless island MP, gets his ferry expenses paid for and his expenses are one of the highest of all MPS, even though he does bugger all for the island.

There will never be any change as I have always said that the Isle of Wight is a “forgotten island” and its MP will never push hard for improvements to the island or even a reduction in ferry costs.

You will never get any reporter from any media organisation coming here to report on the island

I came here to put some water between my ex wife and myself after the acrimonious divorce but now I wish to escape from the island to the mainland after what I have been through, the costs of living here being just one of the many reasons for wanting to leave.

If you are rich like Bob Seeley, Alan Titchmarsh or live in Yarmouth it makes little difference but for the ordinary people like me, we are trapped and I, for one, want to escape back to the mainland.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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