GB News – gender bias with presenters

I do not care as to who the presenters are, as long as they are good and have got to that position on merit and not just the way that they look.

But, what irritates me with GB News is the gender bias. They are more than happy to put two women on, one woman on or a man on late at night, such as Tonight Live. However, when someone goes on holiday or where there has been someone who is ill , they always put a woman in their place.

Take Alastair Stewart who was replaced by Rebecca Hutson and a number of male presenters. Or Breakfast, where Kirsty Gallaher was replaced by Rosie Wright. Why not have a male presenter in their stead or just have, say, Simon McCoy?

The trouble with GB News is that they have fallen into the standard trap; put as many women on the television as possible and that goes for contributors too. In that respect, they are as “woke” or “politically correct” as the other channels.

Be different, for goodness sake and stand out from the crowd

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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