Covid passports – a very slippery slope

I totally agree with Patrick Christys of GB News. Personally, I do not think that it is anything to do with Covid. Covid is being used as an excuse so that, in the end, we have identity papers and then, the security establishment can know where we are, at all times. They do most of the time anyway as we are the most CCTV’d country in the world and CCTV is getting very sophisticated these days; facial recognition, the ability to tap into smart phones, the lot.

I would dearly love to go to restaurants when I am better, if I ever am, even on my own but I will never have a smart phone again and will provide just a paper certificate of my double vaccinations; the most basic.

We are one of the only countries, if not the only, that does not have identity papers and the pandemic is a great excuse for the government to issue identity papers, via the back door. That will be a very sad day.

For me, I am too old for night clubs and I am agoraphobic, so I stay at home but go out for medical appointments. That is basically it. If I move to the mainland, matters will change as my deep seated agoraphobia is to do what the Isle of Wight police did to me.

Even if I am on the way to a medical appointment, if I see a police car or hear a siren, my stress levels go through the roof. Even if I am at my house and I hear a siren, I start to freak out.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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