The improvement in social care

Let’s face it, very few, if any, of the politicians in the Westminster Bubble, will have any issues with affording social care for their old or infirm parents. Most of them are millionaires or in the case of Richi Sunak, billionaires, even if his wealth lays with his wife.

Although I never see my father, his wealth ensures that he gets the best of care, as he has advanced Alzheimer.

But they are the few, the very few. Most of the population (95% at least) are not in that sort of category. It is time for the government to not pander to their electorate.

If the people see that the government are helping their parents in their time of great need, who do you think that they will vote for in any election?

The government are so very short sighted.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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