Sadly, he is no more, despite a valiant fight by his owner, Helen MacDonald

It is said that samples will be taken from the autopsy and that a report will be published once they have been tested but it will be months before it is published, clearly hoping that people will have forgotten about Geronimo.

This is a classic government agency cock up as he was injected with Tuberculin type products. It is no wonder that the results of the “tests” came back as him having tuberculosis. He lived for 4 years after these injections and if he did have tuberculosis, he would have died within a year.

If anyone really thinks that the “review” will be independent and objective, you have another thing coming. They will fudge the results and the report will be a complete whitewash, to cover the backsides of the people who made the cock ups in the first place.

It is disgraceful that those who made so many mistakes, did not have the moral compass to admit to their mistakes. Instead, an innocent and healthy animal has been destroyed. That is simply disgusting.

The owner, Helen MacDonald, must be completely heartbroken; she tried her absolute best.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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