I am suing Morrisons

Being agoraphobic, I have all of my groceries delivered by Morrisons, many others do too if they are aged or just do not want to travel to supermarkets.

I am very conscious of the plastic waste that is being deposited in our land fill sites and which finds its way to the sea; I have taken this stance for many years, even before I suffered from agoraphobia, as I considered that I could help save the planet by hundreds of individual cars going to supermarkets, being replaced with tens of vans; it makes a lot of sense to me. More to the point, I used bag less deliveries, which would save even more of the planet.

Once upon a time, I used to enjoy going to supermarkets but my enjoyment waned, with unruly children running all over the place, whilst their parents were on their phones and not keeping their children under control. I had enough and switched to online deliveries.

With my agoraphobia, my 5 minute interaction with the delivery drivers was very welcome, otherwise I would speak to no one, except my cat.

But, during the pandemic, although I had bag less deliveries, Morrisons suddenly switched to using bags “because of Covid”, that dreaded phrase. Not only did they use bags but they charged for them, at 5p a pop. Just imagine how much extra money that Morrisons made by using this approach.

I was angry and wrote to head office. I received a reply and I am paraphrasing “please store the bags and then will then be picked up in time and you will then receive a refund for the bags”. I have kept the email very safe. Clearly, Morrisons had no intention of collecting the hundreds of thousands of bags that they employed and no intention of refunding their customers. It was a clear case of profiteering, using the excuse “because of Covid”. They stopped the plastic bag debacle in April of this year.

But that excuse falls to the floor as the supermarket pickers for the on line deliveries could have had Covid and they were picking product off the shelves BY HAND. Putting them in plastic bags made absolutely no difference and it is a scientific fact that Covid only survived on hard surfaces, but for a short time. Indeed, it was stated by government scientists that Covid could not be carried on letters or parcels, which makes a total nonsense of using plastic bags in the first place.

Let me be clear. The implementation of plastic bags for bag less deliveries was solely for reasons of profit to please Morrisons shareholders

So, given Morrisons; profiteering “because of Covid”, I will be suing them for:

The cost of the bags that they refused to collect and refund me for (If they use the excuse that Covid may still be on the bags, the virus would have died with ten minutes.

Breach of contract by unilaterally using plastic bags, during the height of the pandemic, without giving me an option to temporarily transfer to plastic bags.

I will require a full refund of the cost of the bags, that would have cost them 1/2p each, at the most, which I have not yet calculated, but I have every Morrisons receipt.

£600,000 for breach of contract, in using plastic bags without my permission or acceptance.

This post will be sent to every single Morrisons email address that I have but will not send it to to the media, if I receive the compensation that I have demanded.

I am quite sure that 99.9% of customers have just “taken it on the chin” but I am of the 0.1% that considers this very important

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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