“Time expired” PPE

It is reported that “surplus” PPE is being sent to Africa and Nambia before it goes “time expired”. That last phrase is absolute rubbish as it is set by the manufacturers, as they want to sell more of the stuff and make yet more money. If it is unused and is sterile, there is nothing wrong with it.

Let us be clear. It is well known that plastics, from which PPE is made from, takes decades to deteriorate. That is the problem that we have in our oceans; too much plastic.

Unlike fresh food that we will not eat, if it goes too long after its “best before or used by” date, PPE will just not deteriorate in such a small period of time.

All of the PPE that is stockpiled in containers, is absolutely fine to use. If one was uncertain, what would you prefer? “So called time expired” PPE or nothing at all? It is all part of the capitalist society.

One could describe myself as a capitalist but I am no longer driven by the desire to acquire wealth, for the exclusion of everything else; I just want peace and to be able to sleep without my brain spinning during the night. If people want to make money, fine but do not do so by hurting anyone else

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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