Anti Semitism

I am against racial or cultural abuse against anyone but there is one thing that cheeses me off. Whenever there is a discussion about anti Semitism, they always but always bring up the holocaust. Of course, millions died at the hands of the Nazis but that was 80 years ago now. Yes, it was horrible but it was a very long time ago and the Jewish community should not always bring it up. In fact, they should not bring it up anymore as it is burned into everyone’s psyche.

So, how far should we go back. If you go back in history, many Protestants and Catholics have been slaughtered, far more than those Jewish people who were murdered in World War 2.

We have to think in the present and deal with what we have to deal with this minute. Many black people are killed all over the world, as are many Christians, as well as many other cultures and religions, including many tens of thousands of Muslims.

I do not worry about the existence of Israel but I am very concerned about their expansion into Palestine areas and they continue to subjugate the Palestian race.

I remember an old girlfriend, who was a Jewess, utter once “if you are not a friend of Israel, you are no friend of mine”. That led to me breaking up with her.

But no news correspondent will ever say “can we stop talking about the holocaust” and “what about the continued expansion of the Israeli settlements” because they will be accused of being anti Semitic.

THAT is the reason why there has been no agreement on a two state solution because the Jewish people have ensured that those who could effect a change, feel guilty about the Holocaust and so will not do anything to upset Israel.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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