The Afghan evacuation (updated)

Everyone must do their bit. I have tried to, but Bob Seeley, my MP, has ignored me because he cannot be bothered.

We have many thousands of holiday parks with “ready to go” mobile homes that people can live in all year round, if necessary. The schools are going back very soon and it would make perfect sense that we put the evacuees in these homes.

The UK are always reticent in helping refugees but these are genuine refugees and not economic migrants that flow across the channel. A great many of them are in fear of their lives and we must not forget that these people have helped the British army, which has prevented terrorist attacks in Britain. We owe them a duty of care and we should open our arms to them.

Whether the government will take up this simple solution is very doubtful, as they could not organise a p##s up in a brewery

At the moment, the Afghans who wish to be evacuated, just want safety. That does not mean that we can house them in derelict buildings but there are many unused barracks around the country that could house them temporarily, until they can be housed more permanently.

As to those on housing lists, it will not interfere with you, as the housing that the Afghans would need, would not contradict with the domestic housing issues.

As an alternative, there are thousands in the logistics corp, who would love to do something positive, rather than just stay in their barracks. There are plenty of materials that could be used for their housing.

I am putting my “money where my mouth is” and have offered both rooms in my house and my 5 acre field for temporary housing. This was offered to Bob Seeley, my MP, but he has done nothing about it.

Offering people to move into my house is a very big ask for me, as I have been agoraphobic for many years, but given this situation, I have to be selfless. It will not be easy but, as a highly moral man, I believe that this is what I must do.

I have just seen Sara Nathan from Refugees at Home, on GB News and I will email her, as soon as I publish this post. If my MP or the government will not do anything, then I will just have to do it myself.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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