Colin Brazier of GB News, a mason

By accusing him of being a mason is not defamatory but is embarrassing as it is a secret society. I have, however, pieced together all of the jigsaw pieces and have come to this sad conclusion, sad because I respect him as a journalist.

I have also added Prince Charles and Prince William to the role of dishonour. I respect the both of them and both will be great kings one day but their association with the Freemasons disgusts me, as I am a highly moral man. I do not understand as to why they are masons, as the Freemasons is basically a “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” organisation. They are highly privileged and they can get whatever they want, at any time.

As to Colin Brazier, I gave him a choice. I know that masons lie abut their membership (Ron Downhill and my father did) and so I laid down “a glove”.

I said that if he swore on the memory of his late beloved wife and those of his children, I would publish an apology on my blog; he has not done so.

I do not believe in religion but respect others who believe. I would “swear” on the life of my late mother, my late wife, Liesel and the life of my daughter’s, even though I despise what she has done to me.

So, Colin Brazier’s name will remain on the roll of dishonour

I have suggested that as I have been embarrassing the masons and there has been a great deal of interest in those posts, provided that the trust/my family/the police/ the solicitors provide me with compensation of a sensible amount, my blog will go silent as to their affairs, as I will have no reason to fight for justice anymore and I can start to lead a better life, in peace and somewhere else.

Otherwise, I will continue my assault on the masons; I am a fighter. I am a forensic chartered accountant, who knows how to dig. I, for instance, put together the jigsaw of my first wife’s embezzlement and she lost her job as a result. The irony was that it was me who pleaded with my father to keep my wife out of jail, by bailing her out, because I could not even contemplate taking my little girl to a prison to see her mother.

That was a success but, of course, was not appreciated or acknowledged by my first wife and my daughter. After all, they both contrived with my father to not only falsely accuse me of sexual abuse but to accuse me of harassment, which was a complete masonic stitch up.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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