Lori Cameron

She is my cousin, or rather, was, as she has continued to betray me since she returned to the UK.

If it had not been for her, I would not have known that:

  • My father was a mason
  • My brother was a mason
  • Ron Downhill was a mason (he categorically denied being one in an email)
  • John Marriott was a mason
  • My father paid my daughter and her mother to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm
  • During the supposed abuse, Verity had continued to be a party animal
  • There was a conspiracy to remove me as a beneficiary of the trust that I SOLELY rely on
  • The London lodge, to which Ron Downhill belongs, is underneath either Adelaide House or Governors House, with him, my father and brother attending
  • My father had paid my brother £1.25m, as “advanced inheritance” to shut him up, as my father had abused one or both of my brother’s daughters
  • The false harassment allegation was as a result of another attempt to get to me. That was proven by the judge putting me on remand for a month, for being a “flight risk” but then giving me a suspended sentence.
  • The judge from Southampton who had come after me for so long gave me a suspended sentence because I was exposing him as a mason and therefore corrupt

Without ANY AND ALL of this information, I would not have been able to construct the “masonic web” and as to why my family have come after me, all because of money. Neither would I have been able to prove that the judge who came after me was a mason and that my Welsh solicitor was a mason or had been paid off.

In effect, without the information that she supplied to me, I would still be “shooting in the dark” and would not have been able to go after anyone that has done me harm.

I hope that she is really getting it in the neck by all of those above, as she has broken a confidence, a very serious confidence.

Her life has been far too comfortable for far too long, by playing them against me, giving me just enough information to keep me sweet (thus keeping me on her side) and by getting substantial amounts of money from both sides. Clever, very clever

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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