Biden – How bloody dare he

I was so glad when Biden became president. But his mask has fallen and we now see the true Biden.

For him to blame the crisis on the Afghan army is simply disgusting and a clear “pass the buck” exercise. 69,000 Afghan army and police have died to try to protect their country, far more than the deaths of the US and UK armies combined.

How fucking dare he accuse them of being scaredy-cats

It was the Americans who installed a highly corrupt government in Afghanistan and the first thing that the Afghan president did was to escape to the UAE, for “humanitarian reasons”

The Afghan army and police were not paid by the government and quite frankly, those in charge could not care a f##k abut their own country; just money. The Afghan army was completely demoralised; that is why they laid down their arms and fled from the Taliban. If you do not have your own government behind you, how the hell can you fight for your own country

Biden is 100% to blame for this crisis. Let’s face it; the US skulked out of Afghanistan in the dead of night, without even telling the Afghan government or anyone else for that matter; it was all about them and nothing to do with thinking about the Afghans. Just like the Americans have and always will be.

Johnson is also to blame as I am quite sure he knew what was going to happen. He was quite happy to sacrifice the people who helped the British Army to the Taliban and to then go on holiday at the exact time that he knew that the sh#t was going to hit the fan. So did Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, who was on a beach. Both Johnson and Raab should resign.

The only person who has shown any moral fortitude is the UK ambassador to Afghanistan, who has not turned tail, like Ashraf Ghani, complete with 123m of cash.

I have said this for months; no one has considered that Biden has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Sadly, I know what I am talking about and know the signs No one will take any notice. And where is his superhero number 1, Kamala Harris? she is nowhere to be seen

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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