I strongly believe that Colin Brazier of GB News and Peter Hill of South Wight Medical Practice are both masons

It comes with a heavy heart to have to write this post.

I have been writing to Colin Brazier for many months and, yesterday, I wrote to him about what my GP was not doing for me and the other patients. I sent him an “unmasked” version of the letter that was posted on my blog yesterday.

I have just found out that my GP telephoned me late last night, asking to see me about my skin condition. It is highly unusual that any GP would telephone at that time of night; I was in bed, recovering from my withdrawal, which has extended to today. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be fit enough to drive, to collect my medication and to deposit the letter that is to go to Dr Hill and his partners.

I do not believe in coincidences. Although Colin Brazier spouts out a monologue of his views at the beginning of his show and comes over as highly moral, that is sadly not the case. As a journalist, he has breached my confidence for the sake of the brotherhood, which is the worst thing that a professional journalist can ever do.

This also means that my own GP is a mason and, despite his so called concerns about my physical and mental health, he never had any intention of writing those letters to the people who have been controlling my life, to the extent that I have wanted to end my life.

He can no longer be trusted and this applies to the hypocritical Colin Brazier too. My world is a much worse place as a result of these realisations.

I even wrote to Colin Brazier accusing him of being a mason; he has not denied it.

As before, neither can they sue me for defamation, as the masonic brotherhood is proscribed by law, which basically means that it is permitted under law, although reprehensible.

My own solicitor, Kevin Richardson, tried this approach yesterday, by threatening me with libel but I responded that it was NOT libel as being a mason is proscribed by law; after that statement, he went very silent, a very empty threat.

I have now requested a change of GP and, if necessary, will change practices altogether.

I have just checked my detailed statistics and both have read this post; it only went to Colin Brazier

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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