GB News and all of those who work for them are sexist against men; they are as woke as they come (UPDATED)

I am watching the joke discussion programme called “Point of view“. They have no point and no view.

I am reporting GB News to Ofcom for gross gender bias.

They are referring to the Portsmouth shooting. Just like all of the other news channels, they are just referring to misogyny. Hello GB News, there is also something called Misandry, where women hate men; I have been at the end of it and it is not nice, I can tell you.

Clearly, everyone at GB News is ignorant and gender biased against men. They do not do any research; they just pump out absolute crap.

Incell is NOT just men; there are also women in it too, though less in number.

Given that I am so angry and so disgusted with GB News, I have asked for a personal apology from the management of GB News and I want it specifically stated by those two jokers on air that there is also misandry and do not let Mercy Muroki minimise the effect on me.

In the interests of balance, I will publish this apology as part of this post and will withdraw my determined threat to report GB News to Ofcom

I do not necessary blame the news readers but Mercy and the other one are totally ignorant and gender biased against men. I have demanded the sacking of the person who put that rubbish on the autocue.

It just goes to show how gender biased our entire society is, which forced me to write this post

If they take no action, I will carry on with my slaughter of GB News

GB News has hit a very raw and painful nerve

GB News was to be oh so different; I watched Andrew Neil’s monologue. Where actually is he by the way?

To be continued when I calm down

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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