The Plymouth shootings

I have just heard an ex police chief constable talking about the dreadful shootings. Like every current and ex police officer, they take the standard approach; the number of officers needs to be increased.

But I will ask the question again; if the number of officers is “falling off a cliff”, why is it that the government pump yet more millions after millions into the police? Fewer officers need LESS money, not MORE. And why is it that included in the council tax, the police precept increases every year, not decreases. No one but no one will answer that question; not even the sheep like news channels that refuse to think “outside the box”, ask those simple questions.

As to the shooter himself, mental health issues are not resolved in a matter of months. He went on an anger management course but it was just a box ticking exercise.

His mother, who he murdered, continually told everyone who would listen that her son had mental health issues but no one listened.

His guns should not have been returned to him, as there is no such thing as a miraculous mental health recovery. At the very least, he should not have been allowed to keep the guns at home; no one asks those questions, no one at all, not even thee media news channels. AT THE VERY LEAST, if he was going to be allowed to fire a gun, they should have been kept under lock and key at the place where he shot clays; many gun clubs follow this rule. They are not allowed to be kept at home; club rules

Even given my mental health problems, I am quite sure that I would get a gun license. I did apply and get a gun license many years ago, before this all started, when I was well and had not been subjected to what I am now. A retired detective from the police came around to my house and interviewed me thoroughly for two hours. He asked me what did I want it for, what gun club did I belong to and where was I going to keep it; it was to be kept in a lock box, not even in the house but in an outbuilding and it was bolted to the wall. I was to have the only key; not even my late wife was to know where the key was. But I never bought the gun, because my wife became sick and I had to concentrate all of my efforts onto her. I had no respite and nor did I want any, because Liesel was my life and she was dying.

Just like everything that the police do these days, standards have dropped and they do not care a damn. If there is a cock up and there certainly has been, they will cover it up, just as the Devon police will do.

The people who have lost their lives will never get the “justice” that they deserve.

Everyone is talking about the shooter’s misogyny; that is all crap. It is about the man’s mental health and nothing else

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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