Exam grade inflation

Following the debacle of last year, there has been significant grade inflation. I am pleased for the students who have got into their preferred universities but, even the universities are losing faith.

I have it first hand from a medical person that for students going to medical school, due to the lack of faith in the grading, medical school students are now have to take an additional entrance exam.

Yes, I know we have got the pandemic but I cannot understand as to why students cannot take actual exams for their A levels. From my time of taking A levels, you are well apart and so social distancing is maintained, even now. Many of the students who have been interviewed, say that they would prefer to take a proper examination, as opposed to being assessed.

It is time for Gavin Williamson to resign as he has overseen two years of calamity and for the marking of A levels to go back to the university associated exam boards, as many of my age did.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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