Why I may overcome my agoraphobia but will always isolate myself from the media and society.

I am 58; life was so much different when I was young and when I was in my teens.

But, society and attitudes to men by the media, the police, the lawyers and so many other institutions have become so female orientated that I am now of the opinion that life is no longer fair and never will be.

I remember watching a Kavanagh drama programme twenty or thirty years ago, when one of the actors, who was the head of the barristers’ chambers said that “life and the law are changing and are becoming far more in favour to the woman, rather than being equal”. I am paraphrasing as it was a long time ago.

You take take anything in society today; the attitude of the police to men, the justice system, the obsessive belief that more pictures of women in the papers will sell more papers or adverts, basically anything.

I am not saying that society should not “grow up” with new attitudes, it has to evolve, but the gross inequality of today is far more than I can take and so I am going to insulate myself from the world as much as I can.

Let us take a simple example. My father had Alzheimer’s and he turned. He paid my daughter to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm. I was not only put through the mill by the police, who wrecked my house and violated my late wife’s things that were sealed in boxes but was “treated” to an interrogation by the interrogating detectives, who were clear, from the outset, that they did not believe a single word that I said.

But I fought back and proved my innocence absolutely. Even though I had proved my innocence, my life was over but my reputation was important to me; that is what drove me, as without that I was nothing. I had lost my daughter who meant everything to me, as she was all that I had left, she was my world. How did the police react to that? What did the police do to my daughter? Did they reinterview her and ask her to explain as to why she had lied? No, they did absolutely nothing at all.

So, whilst me, as the VICTIM, had my life destroyed, THE ACCUSER just carried on her life, as she had done before.

I am not alone either. There are many men who are falsely accused of rape and abuse. They are proven to be innocent but their careers and lives are over and the accuser just walks free, with no action being taken against the accusers. Even if there is a mere whiff of accusation, they are sacked, suspended but in the end, lose their careers, whether they are a celebrity or not.

I have to ask; where is the justice in that?

I am quite sure that change will not happen in my lifetime and that is why I am going to isolate myself but I fear that the imbalance in society will NEVER change. God help us all and our children’s futures; well those children who are male anyway.

For anyone who does not believe what I have written, you were either born under a rock, live under a rock, are blinkered or sexist against men.


It is not just all about the female bias; it is also to do with this stupid world that we live in, which I can only describe as obsessive political correctness. You can take the mickey of a man but woe betide you if you take the mickey of a woman.

A woman can go and give a man a hug but if you reciprocate to another woman or girl, you will be accused of abuse and invading the woman or girl’s space; what has this world of ours become?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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