Morrisons – do not buy cigarettes from them

Yesterday, I returned from the doctors’ surgery after picking up my medication and decided that I was going to try and change my situation with my agoraphobia.

So, I prepared some new signs asking the postie, who I know very well but have not seen for ages due to my isolation as well as delivery drivers to ask them to knock on my back door so that I could accept their delivery and see a friendly face for a change.

I was due to receive my Morrisons online order today but, for the third consecutive time, absolutely no cigarettes were available. I was so disgusted that I informed Morrisons that I am cancelling my entire order.

This somewhat simple problem with my order has now set me right back; I cannot dictate what my brain decides, given my poor mental health and, even though some may see cigarettes as an unpleasant or luxury item, I rely on them totally to give me a crutch.

I would suggest that if you are a Morrisons customer and read this post, due to their total unreliability, I would suggest that you cancel your order too.

To assist me with my needs, I will have to go out to the petrol station, scared witless and buy what I need from them. The cigarettes are actually much cheaper there too but due to my agoraphobia, I elect to pay more.

Or is the failure to send cigarettes a function of head office complaining to the store manager, who then, being cheesed off, put a “tag” on my account to cheese me off even more?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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