CHIPS, not the ones to have with fish

There is a global shortage of chips to run just about every vehicle now

Nissan have put a billion pounds into a new facility up north and there is a giga factory to manufacture batteries to run the things. Not only that but the government has out in hundreds of millions to bring these projects to fruition.

Would it not make sense that as the chip shortage will get worse, to establish a chip supplier in the UK to supply chips to UK manufacturers?

Forget about the new projects but there is major car manufacturing in the Midlands that rely TOTALLY on these chips such as Nissan and the like.

If they do not have chips for their cars, they cannot sell the cars that they produce and there will be then MASS unemployment, as the car companies will cut production and therefore cut staff.

It is a no brainer

But this needs a forward vision from politicians rather than just them “shooting from the hip” and “blowing in the wind”

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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