MPs and their complete disengagement from the public, EVEN IF they are constituents

I have no faith in what is called “The Westminster bubble” and no longer vote. If you ever watch prime minister’s questions or any other coverage of the house of commons, they behave with eloquence and carefully crafted words but, when it comes down to it, they are just like children in a playground or people engaging in a verbal food fight. The MPs just go through the motions and do not really care about what is outside the bubble; they just care about their own gravy train.

To illustrate this, I came up with an idea to invigorate the high street and to increase housing in city and town centres, given that thanks to the internet, the high street is sadly dead.

I wrote a long paper to discuss the problems and to come up with solutions and even fired up my Chief Architect software and spent hours coming up with graphic solutions, as MPS are like very young children; they hate reading but like looking at pictures. It is all about optics.

I spent probably the whole day preparing all of this and once completed, I asked myself as to whom I could sent it.

I came up with Robert Jenrick MP, the housing minister and Michael Fabricant MP, who I had just seen on GB News.

So emails were sent to both. No response from Robert Jenrick but maybe he was on holiday ( boy, don’t the MPs get VERY long paid holidays) but maybe he did not care about the revitalisation of our high streets.

But I DID receive a couple of emails from Michael Fabricant. True to form, he came out with the standard statement “you are not a constituent and so under the rules, I cannot help you”. What a great “get out of jail free” card. I did understand the statement but this did not relate to his or my constituency but related to the whole country. Yes MPS are there to serve their constituents but they vote on laws that effect EVERYONE, so QED, you can write to MPS of any constituency that affects the country as a whole.

He even had the cheek to suggest that I wrote to Bob Seeley, as he is my constituency MP. I wrote back to say that I had asked for his help many times but he refused, citing this and that. I told Mr Fabricant that Seeley was as useful as a chocolate tea pot in very hot weather.

When I wrote back to Mr Fabricant, I pointed out that he was refusing to speak to me for the reasons above but was quite happy to speak on EVERY AND ANY subject to GB News and pointed that I was quite sure that a fee had been paid for his “contribution”. Why could he happily speak to GB News but refuse to speak to me? He is a complete hypocrite.

With MPs, it is just a case of “pass the parcel” from MP to MP and what happens in the end? Nothing and that is just what the MPS want

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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