Covid passports

Britain has never had any identify cards of an sort, except in the war; that was purely for security, as there were so many spies around.

But I feel that these concerns about Covid passports is really getting out of hand.

People who are over around 35 have already had or have been offered vaccinations.

The scientists have determined that if young people contract Covid, the effects will be no worse that a bad cold or flu. So why is every institution now pushing for Covid passports?

We have rules coming in that young people cannot go into a nightclub without a passport and neither can students go to lecture halls. If these rules are embedded, it will extend to every part of life. Worse still, these Covid passports are a slippery slope towards ID cards. Why would the government want that? Because, they want to keep track of all of us, all of the time. If the government get their way, Britain will turn into a dystopian society with the police and all officials stopping anyone, for no reason and will just say “papers”. What does that remind you of.

As I have said, the younger you are, the more unlikely that you are going to suffer from Covid, other than flu like symptoms. I have been double jabbed, as have millions of others, but it is a human right to not want a jab; you take your chance on the roulette table.

When it comes to vaccinating children, that is where I draw the line. Although all of the vaccines have been successful in curbing deaths, they are still “experimental” drugs and no one knows what the long term effects will be. It is just like thalidomide, which was seen as a wonder drug to curb morning sickness but look what happened there; many children deformed with no legs or arms or both.

It is an issue of risk and reward. For grown ups, Covid is more likely to kill you. But, as children are healthy, the risk and reward graph goes the other way; the risks are higher and the rewards lower. If I had a child who was below 16, I would not want them vaccinated and even though my daughter is 23, I would hope that she would not take the jab either but if she wants it, that is fine with me, it is her choice, not anyone else’s and not for me to dictate to her. By all means test themselves regularly, to protect themselves from others and the other way around too, but there should be no vaccinations for the really young people. I am not a medical man but that is my opinion.

I believe that the young public, as well as parents of young ones, should fight what the government wants them to do. If you want the vaccine, that is fine, that is choice, but you should not be coerced into having it.

I feel that if all of these rules are implemented, we will all live in a much poorer Britain, with less freedom, in a very short space of time.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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