Everybody seems to be talking about this and so I thought I would put in my “two penneth”

I have no issue with trans people, they can do what they want but it is not my thing; I could not go out with a trans person and I am quite sure that statement will attract many abusive comments that I am transphobic.

Biology is a fact. You are born a boy or a girl and if you wish to become a girl or a boy, because that it was you feel inside, fine by me.

But and there is a big but. No matter if a man has a full transition and has all of his appendages modified, you are still biologically a man; you have stronger bone and muscle structure, when compared to a woman.

So, for a man who has transitioned into a woman to become a ladies weightlifter, is an insult to the other women competitors of that particular sport.

I will go further and few will agree with me. Laurel Hubbard was a mediocre weight lifter as a man but is, unsurprisingly, breaking all records as a transitioned woman. I surmise and it is just my opinion that Laurel Hubbard transitioned purely to become superior in his/her own sport. I could be and probably am wrong but no one has ever questioned that.

Similarly, for a woman who has transitioned to a man, the same applies but strangely, all of the people who appear in the media, are always a man who have transitioned to be a woman. Where is the equality in that?

I believe in sexual equality but it does not exist in society, any society and anyone who disagrees with me is very naïve or lives under a rock.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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