The dumbing down of GB News

I had great hopes for GB News and, especially the new programme with Nigel Farage but they are just dumbing down.

I have a big issue with illegal immigration and those coming across the channel. It has been announced by that woeful Priti Patel that she has “done a deal” with France to limit migration. Both Priti Patel AND GB News are in cloud cookoo land as it will make little difference.

GB News refuses to criticise Priti Patel for her ineptitude and incompetence and that was not what Andrew Neil said that GB News was supposed to be.

I am not cruel and am a humanist. People in desperate need should be taken in; that is what the British are like but this is sadly not the case with the majority of migrants; they come here for economic reasons, for our benefit system and for free housing.

Quite frankly, I am disgusted with GB News for taking this dumbed down approach. Why do they not call for Patel’s removal; she has done absolutely nothing. She “talks the talk” but does not “walk the walk” and neither is GB News; they do not have the “cohenes”

GB News must ensure that it does not become like the other media channels

I even emailed Nigel Farage pointing out that, yes we take less immigrants than France, but we are less than a quarter of the size. He ignored me and was then hijacked during an interview with Amnesty International

I WILL CONTINUE TO CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICISE GB NEWS UNTIL THEY DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO, particularly in Andrew Neil’s opening statement on the very first airing of GB News, otherwise GB News will become just an irrelevance.

And everything that Andrew Neil said will just be sheer bullshit

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