Don’t do to others what you do not want done to yourself

You would have thought that is a simple statement to abide by, wouldn’t you?

But there are those in this world who just care about themselves.

Take my family or rather ex family. My father is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and some would say that it is not his fault that he got it but, given what he has done to me, I see that as his penance and his punishment.

Every single one of them has just thought about themselves, even though I used to love them all. They have watched as I have been slowly picked apart, all for a few bits of silver. Are they proud of themselves? I very much doubt that they even care, as long as they get tons of money or houses or whatever they fancy.

As all of you know, my father is a mason. At one time, he was generous and helped me and even made me a beneficiary of a trust that I now solely rely on because my career collapsed and what I got in compensation was not only derisory but was spent on the two people who I loved beyond all else; my wife, Liesel and my daughter. Now, I have nothing left other than being forced to live in a prison.

Those lackies who my father dealt with, were also masons and they took instructions from a man with a very diseased mind. I even wrote to them pointing this out but has anything changed? Of course not, as their pathetic misguided loyalty to a very sick man is more important than the harm done to a human being, i.e. me

Would they do what they have done to me to their own children? Of course they would not as they are not only hypocritical but morally crippled. The word “cripple” is not a word used today but that describes them all, including my very own daughter. If she has children, is she going to guide them into immorality as she herself has behaved. Who knows and quite frankly, I dont care.

After she found out that she was not going to be allowed to my cremation, she went running to my father and complained. This was after she took money from my father to incentivise her to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse; probably the most heinous crime save for killing someone. But she did it gladly for the sake of what? A fancy holiday in Scotland with her mother. I have since relented on that and she can come but only on her own with no other family or partners or whoever. Even though I have now made special arrangements for her, I very much doubt that she will turn up on her own, as she has always hidden behind the skirts of her mother or my father for support.

I will die soon; the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I will be burned to ashes, which will then be scattered in my beloved South Africa. There will be then no more sign that I even existed and, given what my family have done to me, that is just fine by me; I wish it had been otherwise. Everything is ready for me to die; all provisions have been catered for. It is just a question of time now.

What gets me is that those lackies are intelligent men and they have been successful in their fields but they are so blinkered that they cannot get their heads around the fact that they have been dealing with a diseased minded man for many years and all, including my self centred and incredibly greedy brother and daughter have used his disease to their full advantage; to get lots of money or stuff.

Society is a pretty sick place these days but to have a family who have done that to their own blood is quite frankly unfathomable, given the generosity and love that both my brother and daughter have shown in the past.

I have no idea when I will die but you will get an indication because all of a sudden this blog will go dead, because that is what I will be, DEAD

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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