For so many reasons, I am unable to work.

When my father was free from Alzheimer’s, he set up a trust fund for my brother and I. When we died, it would pass onto our children and so on. Because I am unable to work, I rely on the income that I get from the fund in order to sustain my life.

Everything went well for a while and then my father got Alzheimer’s; he completely changed his attitude towards me and I was seen as the enemy. Whilst it was not his fault, he has always favoured my brother and has continued to throw money at him every since.

I am not just talking about a few thousand pounds; I am talking about millions. He gave my brother £1.25M of his own money as so called “advanced inheritance” but all this really was was hush money to cover up the sexual abuse by my father of one or both of my brother’s daughter’s.

My father’s paedophilic tendancies are not new as he sexually abused me between the age of 8 and 12/13. That horrible event had been buried deep in my mind but when my daughter falsely accused me of sexual abuse in 2016, those awful memories started to slowly emerge.

It has had a horrendous effect on both my mental and physical health. Mentally, it has made me very depressed, agoraphobic and sometimes suicidal. Last year, I ended up in a private psychiatric hospital, because the waiting lists for NHS help were too long. I could ill afford to pay this but I had no choice and when I sought help from the trust to recoup my savings, they refused; that was on my father’s instructions.

It is a bit of a joke because the trustees of a trust are there solely to assist in the welfare of the beneficiaries and are supposed to be independent. But, in the real world, that never happens at all. The person who put the money in, controls the funds like his tax free piggy bank. For my father, that amounts to around £20m to play with; roughly half of that should have been paid in tax, interest and penalties. That is on top of his personal wealth that also runs into millions.

In his Alzheimer’s fueled state, he decided to give my brother a £1.45M interest free loan via the trust, which my brother used to buy an industrial property. So, on top of having to pay no interest, my brother, Martin, also rakes in tens of thousands of rent every year.

So, my brother has received £2.7M of interest free cash plus the huge rental income of course.

When I begged the trustees to help recoup the cost of the hospital, which amounted to “just” £20,000, they just said “no” as I had “sufficient income already”. Double standards? Of course it is.

So, I had no choice but to leave the hospital and book into a Travelodge at a mere fraction of the £6,500 that I was paying for the hospital. This was last June and in the midst of the pandemic so the hotel was full of drug dealers and unsavoury characters. I had to keep myself to myself and was holed up in my room for most of the time.

If you remember, that was a very hot summer and there was no air conditioning at all. That exacerbated my skin condition that was triggered by the false sexual abuse allegations. To give you some idea of the pain, this is my foot, which is covered with nodules. Although I thought it was psoriasis, it now seems that it is something called Prurigo Nodularis, again a stress related condition that was triggered by those false sexual abuse claims

Digital Camera

Incidentally, my daughter was “incentivised” by my father in 2016, by the paying of cash to go on a luxury Scottish holiday with her mother. Lovely eh?

If that was not enough, before the pandemic even hit, in 2018, my father wrote me a letter, to be purposely received on my birthday, offering me £250,000 to leave the UK permanently and to go to South Africa, with which I have many ties. He just wanted me out of the way and away from the trust.

I was categorically told that my father had a meeting with my brother, Ron Downhill and John Marriott (who I will come onto later) to actually get me removed from the trust as a beneficiary. If that had happened, I would have gone bankrupt and homeless very quickly. None of them cared because they had one thing in common; they were all masons and, as we all know, masons stick together like glue.

No one in that room even considered for one moment what the impact on me would have been and though I strongly suspect that my brother, Martin, had a different agenda, they never even considered for one moment the fact that they were dealing with an Alzheimer’s suffering man, who was, for all intense and purposes, out of his mind. Ron Downhill and John Marriott were being “loyal” to an Alzheimer’s suffering man, who was not thinking straight. I wrote to them recently pointing this out but they have completely ignored me, preferring to rest on their masonic loyalties than actually to see reason.

If my father did not want me in the trust in the first place, he would not have included me as a beneficiary but Downhill and Marriott’s actions are completely nonsensical. They are intelligent men ( I have dealt with them both for years) but they are just blinded by the masonic loyalty and applying that to their complete lack of judgement.

Of course, my father engineered it that my brother now runs the show and, as my father is now severely incapacitated with Alzheimer’s, has access to my father’s personal wealth as well as all of the funds in the trust. Maybe it is that Downhill and Marriott are cowards and do not want to go against my brother; masonic loyalty and common sense aside. If they did, my brother is likely to find someone who will agree with him and, of course, money talks and persuades people to do things that they do not want to do.

Martin, my brother, is well known for his self centredness and greed. After all, he openly declared to my father that “I have never been so rich before”. What does that tell you about Martin Hender? He is quite happy to sacrifice his very own brother to have a bigger bank account and to be the “The big I am”. His ego and greed has no bounds. After all, he put money BEFORE the safety of one or both of his very own children and that applies to his wife too.

The level of disgust towards Martin and his wife is so profound that I cannot really put it into words other than to say that I am totally ashamed of them both.

Martin and his wife Alison were and are so self opinionating and my Martin even said once that “I am right, you do not have an opinion”. I am not one to cite religious references but they are both absolutely and undeniably evil.

I have now suffered from this horrendous skin condition for over 5 years. I have taken lotions and potions but nothing has worked. So many times that I have totally lost hope and wanted to die. One of those instances was last year, late May/June but I have felt like that so many times since.

But, every now and again, I take a very deep breath and say to myself “those buggers are not going to win and, if they do, I will die fighting”. They are bullies and the filth of the earth. They have absolutely no compassion or empathy and would rather rely on the pathetic loyalties that are within the masonhood and guess what? The masons are supposed to be a charitable organisation; what a complete load of crap.

Everything got so bad for me that I begged to see my doctor on a face to face consultation. That is very difficult in these current circumstances but he agreed to see me.

I started off by talking about the severe pain and lack of sleep that I have endured for so many years and then I just broke down; everything poured out. The sexual abuse by my father when I was a very young boy, the false sex abuse claims incited by my father and carried out by my daughter, the bribery to leave the country, the economic abuse that I still suffer; absolutely everything. Nothing was off limits. I just cannot take it anymore and need to get off this damn island and to start afresh. But those in control of the trust and my father’s money want me to stay here, in a prison without bars. They are, in effect, my prison guards, as well as being the judges and juries and continue to control my life and I am now 58!

My doctor was very concerned for me and, once I had calmed down, said that he wanted to write to all of those concerned, to say what damage that they have done to me and continue to do to me. Apart from my couple of friends on the island, he is the very first person who has showed any sympathy and empathy, EVER. That includes everyone who I have been in contact with; all police forces, solicitors, judges, you name it, including my daughter, who made a very big mistake and who has lost me forever; I will never ever see her again and she will not even see my body when I die because I have insisted that the coffin is sealed.

My pleas to Downhill and Marriott have gone unanswered and even if they dare to ignore the letter from my doctor, I will continue to fight and be a thorn in their sides, until my very last breath; I WILL NEVER GIVE IN

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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