The Masons

Everyone, who was not born under a rock, will know of the Masons. They are like an insidious virus; they have leached into every area of society, including governmental institutions, such as the judges and the police.

My father is a mason. My brother is a mason. My father’s associates are masons. Even the judge that treated me so badly is a mason. I threatened to expose him when I was on remand and, at my sentencing, he had a “change of heart” and gave me a suspended sentence. I had written many times to the governor of the prison and said that I would expose the judge. Clearly, the governor had been in contact with the judge; hence my suspended sentence.

Just as importantly, Ron Downhill, the tax and legal advisor to the trust, from which I derive my sole income, is a mason. (When I was writing to him, I accused him of being a mason but he flatly denied it; I know for sure that he is one). What happens in the trust, dictates my life

The police are rife with masons, every police force. I had reported my father for the sexual abuse that I endured as a boy and this did go to the Met Police but, due to my father’s masonic contacts, my case has been buried. If I enquire as to the state of the investigation, all I get are platitudes and bullshit.

Yet another example of the injustice that I have suffered.

After a week of being stuck in the house, due to my very painful tennis elbow I was going to start back in the workshop with my arm strapped up.

But the posts that I have written today, including the one above, have yet again deeply affected me and I can now no longer bring myself to go out of the back door of the kitchen. And I had my boots on with a box by the back door with all of the bits that I had ordered too.

THAT is the effect on me of all that has happened since being on the island

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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