The Prince Phillip

I have been deeply affected by the passing of Prince Phillip and I offer my condolences to her Majesty The Queen as well as to her family.

I wish to talk a little about his funeral.

Thankfully, partly due to Covid, Prince Phillip is getting the funeral that he wanted; understated and private.

But I have concern about one of the attendees; The Duke of Sussex. I am not a fan of Prince Harry but he is clearly breaking the quarantine rules. He flew in from America yesterday and will attend Prince Phillip’s funeral on Saturday; that is only 6 days.

When members of the population of the UK have passed, some of their relatives have not even been able to attend the funeral of a loved one so I ask the question; why is Prince Harry any different? He should be in isolation for 10 days; any UK holiday makers coming back to the UK have to spend thousands to stay in a hotel but because he is a Prince, he is breaching the rules.

It takes him to infect just one person for Covid to explode causing a third lockdown.

Purely because of the fact that he has not been able to isolate properly before the funeral, he should not attend; he could infect Prince William, who will be our future king and a damn good one at that.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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