The US election (updated)

Yes, I know, my blog is dead but I have to comment on the US election.

Given that the US is the most important country in the world (as far as the West is concerned anyway) but I have to say “WHAT A SHAMBLES”.

All of the states knew that the coronavirus would substantially increase the postal votes and they really have not prepared for it; some states did not even count the postal votes before the cut off; that was just totally misguided.

I will declare my bias; I hope that Joe Biden wins. It does not really affect me but I have seen the division that President Trump has purposely caused and that is not good for any country. If or when Mr Biden wins, he has an uphill struggle to mitigate those divisions.

Given my declared bias, the actions of President Trump, especially over the last few days, has been unpresidential and that has been shown by him declaring himself the winner, even when all of the votes had not been counted.

The division has gone too far with Trump supporters brandishing guns at the counting stations. I just hope that law and order does not break down if Mr Biden wins.

We all know that President Trump is litigious but he has taken it to the extreme by laying down law suits in the states that may cause him to lose the election. Of course, he can still win.

This election has also given rise to criticism of the electoral college system that was designed in the 1800s; it is no longer fit for purpose and should be discontinued. If the republicans win the Senate, this task will be very difficult.

So, legal actions and recounts have been demanded. But these only apply to states where Joe Biden is winning and not where President Trump won. Someone said it so very well and I paraphrase “Donald Trump, get your big boy pants on”. No, it is not great to lose but there is the bigger picture, to heal the deep divisions that exist in the US. Sadly, though it is his right, he is not being presidential and he will be remembered for being a laughing stock, as well as a bad loser.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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