A message to Ruth Lees of Churcher’s solicitors (if you can call them that)

The debacle of my so called show trial
David Hender
Fri 11/09/2020 09:10

  •  Ruth Lees – Churchers

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  •  Jonathan Samuels (Sky News);
  •  Lisa Dowd (Sky News reporter)
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I am not surprised that you did not respond to my last email; there is absolutely nothing to defend both you and Churcher’s against my allegations against you.
Let’s analyse what happened, shall we?
  • I was never told about the trial in any of your correspondence; in fact, there was no feedback from anyone after I had to miss the trial set for the 4th June, at which time, I was on the way to a psychiatric hospital, primarily due to the abuse that I had suffered from the IOW police and my family.
  • It is now clear to me that I am experiencing out and out persecution by the IOW police and the courts, merely because I criticised the police for not investigating a single one of my allegations, all of which were very serious.
  • It is also now very clear to me that there are masonic influences involved, as CC Gavin Stephens refuses to investigate the persecution of me by the family or indeed the persecution of my cousin, Lori, by my father that has had such catastrophic consequences on her. Indeed, my arrest at the instigation of Joel Leverton was so laughable that it shows that it is very likely that he is a mason too. How can a police officer actually defend my daughter for making false allegations against me?
  • As to the so-called show trial itself, was never charged for two of the offences and that is shown in all of the correspondence that I had from you. So, how can I possibly be found guilty of them? That is illegal
  • As to the so called offence that I was charged with, that too is worth as much as a chocolate tea pot, as the arrest that gave rise to the charge, was illegalDefamation and failure to attend a VOI (voluntary interview); could they not do better than that? I am surprised that I was not charged with walking across the road.
  • I am quite sure that CC Olivia Pinkney had a great deal to do with all of this. After all, she could not even bother to contact me, using Surrey police as a puppet and it was stated that my communications to her were and I quote directly “unwarranted and unwanted“. She is a public servant and I pay HER salary.
  • During my breakdown, when I wanted to kill myself, it was true what the doctor said to me “The IOW police rule the island, with a rod of iron, as though they were the militiaanything goes” There was me thinking that the police were there to uphold the law, not break it, whenever they felt like it.
  • As to the gross breaches of PACE that I had to endure, I am sure that no one even mentioned that. The magistrates were not even interested in my very serious complaints.
  • And as to my extremely poor mental health, which still continues to this day, neither the police, the magistrates or the judge, whoever he is, could care a damn and the statement by the judge just shows that none of you actually comprehend the issue of mental health. It seems that none of you have any concept of mental illness, typified by the judge telling me to get better in 7 days or I would be arrested. I had been agoraphobic for well over 2 years for goodness sake. But I have to try and deal with that, for the sake of my cousin, who has suffered a nervous breakdown, following a three hour catatonic attack, due to my father’s extreme harassment and she could not even communicate for well over half an hour, even when she had come around. Surrey police are not interested in that either and seemingly are refusing to arrest the culprit, my father; more masonic influences at play.
Quite frankly, I could go on and on but I have my cousin to care for, so I will have to keep this short.
You and Churcher’s will be reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority for the following:
  1. Failure to defend me in a proper and professional fashion
  2. Failure to attend the show trial; you cannot defend someone via a television screen and I am quite sure that both the so called prosecutor and the magistrates were in attendance. By allowing my daughter and her mother to give “evidence” and I use that word lightly, by remote link, because “it was not necessary to trouble them to come to the island at the court’s expense”, it is clear that they COULD have attended and so my laughable defence team COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE attended but chose not to. Using Covid as an excuse is, quite frankly, pathetic.
  3. Failure to highlight the multiple breaches of PACE by all officers concerned
  4. Failure to advise me of the court date so that I could have informed the court of my non attendance, as I did conscientiously previously, despite my failed mental health
  5. Failure to bring to the attention of the court, my failed mental health, during this entire debacle
  6. Your complicity with IOW police and the courts. I am quite sure that you get a suitable fee stream for not defending people properly.
These are just a few of the charges against you. There will be far more in my formal complaint against you to the SRA.
I will also be complaining to the PSD of Hampshire and Isle of Wight constabulary, regarding CC Pinkney’s conduct in all of this. It is not surprising that “Joe Public” does not trust the police anymore or even solicitors for that matter.
This will not be dealt with quietly. Just look as to whom I have copied this into and, of course, it will be posted on my blog for the entire world to see. UK citizens, especially, need to see how inept, corrupt and impotent the police really are.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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