Yet another message to Gavin Stephens, chief constable of Surrey

The harassment of my female cousin

David HenderWed 09/09/2020 13:30


  •  Gavin Stephens New chief constable of Surrey Police
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Dear Mr Stephens,
Whether you are going to take action or not, I have no idea but as my cousin is the victim, you would have attempted to contact her via me by now. It would seem not.
But, although my blog has got me in a little trouble, the power of the internet is very strong and I can see that the post regarding your good self has attracted quite a lot of interest and it keeps on growing. Some of those views are from Finland, which I know for a fact relate to a Sky journalist
I am sure that some of those would have been your own officers but not 23.
What are you going to do now Mr Stephens? Pursue me as the IOW police have done for so very long, for no real reason at all or act, with all due respect, like an honest and professional police officer should?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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