Does not anyone have any humanity at all? (REPOSTED)


When I talk about “all”, I of course mean:

  1. The Isle of Wight judiciary
  2. The Isle of Wight police
  3. Joel Leverton 17283 ( staff officer assigned to the detective branch)
  4. My daughter, Verity
  5. My brother, Martin
  6. My sister-in-law, Alison
  7. My first wife, Samantha
  8. The trustees, Paicolex Trust Management AG
  9. The “family” lawyers, Berwin Leighton Paisner

It is clear that the first two on the list really could not care at all. Despite me having severe agoraphobia and most of the symptoms of Covid-19, following my forced arrest and forced attendance at court. I got a lovely email saying that I have to attend court on the 4th June and absolutely no consideration has been given to my agoraphobia (it was not even mentioned) or what I have gone through.  I was so catatonic that I could hardly stand and really did not know what the hell was going on

I HAVE NOT LEFT THIS HOUSE SINCE THEN, AT ALL and for months before as well. The only times that I have actually left this house since the 2nd January 2020 are when I have been arrested. Before than, I could just go to the end of the drive or in the safety of my car to the osteopaths or pharmacy.

So just 6 days before my attendance, they just drop an email on me, leaving me no time at all to plan anything. Here is the email

Re Police v Yourself
iowmagistrates <iow.magistrates redacted>
Thu 28/05/2020 16:14


  •  You

Mr Hender

Re Police v Yourself

Harassment 31/12/19-12/2/20

Harassment 8/10/19-11/10/19

You will be aware that you are facing two allegations of harassment.

The first matter, that of harassment between 31/12/-19-12/2/20 you have pleaded not guilty to and that is now listed for trial on the 15th September 2020. The Crown Prosecution Service has now advised that the police officer is unable to attend for trial on that date. The case has therefore now been listed for Thursday 4th June at 11.15 for the court to decide if a new trial date should be fixed

You were also summonsed to appear at this court for the matter of harassment between 8/10/19 -11/10/19 on the 17th April 2020. You will  be aware that the case was adjourned, without the need for your attendance due to the Covid-19 situation. That case has also been listed for the above date. This is so you can enter a plea to the charge and for the court to consider if both cases should be dealt with together.

You will receive a letter form the court shortly which confirms the date and time of the court hearing and you should attend.

Mr Farley of Churchers solicitors who has been appointed by the court to cross examine the non police witnesses will be attending on that day and if you wish to instruct him to act for you, you will have the opportunity to do that.

I appreciate that you may have concerns about attendance at court at the current time but arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the required social distancing  can be maintained.

Mrs Fran Thornton-Dale

Legal Team Manager (Business and Crime)

HMCTS South West Region

Portsmouth Magistrates Court Winston Churchill Avenue PO1 2DQ

They are putting down TWO charges. I was never charged for the first one. For that, I had to attend a workshop which I could not attend because of my severe agoraphobia. It is just a complete stitch up

If the police force their way in and arrest me again, putting their own lives at risk (mine is worth nothing), I will end up being just a dribbling mess, just as my psychiatrist from The Priory said in 2001/2 at the end of my treatment.

But neither the courts or the police actually care a damn what I become; they just want their “tick in the box”

And, of course, whether I am there or not and despite the government lockdown, my very own daughter is going to walk to the stand and swear under oath to tell the truth and then just bullshit, putting on some tears I am sure for the courts benefit. Then will come my fist wife and she will just do the same and she will spread it on like a trowel.

Verity has absolutely no intention of telling the truth and prefers money to doing what is right.

In fact, that applies to all of the others on the list.

All of this is because my Alzheimer’s suffering father decided, on a whim, to start having false allegations set against me, to which he confirmed to me on the phone “You have worked it all out”. 

All of them, literally all of them have just watched as I sink deeper into despair and mental illness and they could not care a fuck.

As the day approaches, I am going to get significantly worse and would not be surprised if I took my own life.

Franz sent me an email today saying that it will be a long time before I am with Liesel but he is very wrong; I cannot take it anymore and do not want to take it anymore.

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