A message to Gavin Stephens, Chief Constable of Surrey, where my father lives

The serious harassment incident – yesterday 6th September 2020

This message was sent with High importance.

David Hender Mon 07/09/2020 13:14


  •  Gavin Stephens New chief constable of Surrey Police

Dear Mr Stephens,
You are now well aware as to what happened to my cousin yesterday, as a result of the gross and unnecessary threats made by my father, William Thomas Hender.
I was arrested on the Isle of Wight for “harassment by email” but this is far far more serious; if I had not been present, my cousin, Lori Cameron, could have suffered even greater injury or could have died when she fell, as I would not have been there to catch her.
What my father did is a prima facie case of harassment and, if you do not act, you have no place being chief constable and are a mason, which means that you are both immoral and morally corrupt.
I am willing to provide a full written statement if required. I was a witness to the conversation and I, as well as her neighbour and two paramedics were witnesses to the prolonged catatonic episode.
If this is not harassment, then I do not know what is. Furthermore, it makes the allegations against me absolutely laughable as the police are willing to arrest me for a lesser alleged offence but not my father for what was an extremely vicious and personal attack on my cousin.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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