A conciliatory message to Ron Downhill, who is at the centre of all of this

The matter at hand
David Hender
Thu 27/08/2020 19:27


  •  Ron Downhill


I know that you will never acknowledge this email but I am quite sure that you will pass it onto the rest of the family.

There was one person that my father feared the most; not me, not Martin but my beloved mother. He spent a fortune on her to keep her happy, dresses, new houses, the lot.

If Mum was alive now, he would never behave in such a way. I was close to Mum and Dad has always been close to Martin, his prodigal son. If he did what he has done for the last 4 1/2 years, she would immediately divorce him and he would lose a great deal. I would align myself with my mother and Martin would align himself with Dad, as he has done already.

But Dad got a “get out of jail free” card when Mum contracted Alzheimer’s and then sadly died from pneumonia. Even though you were relatively close to the family, your absence at her funeral was noted  by all. Even Maggie Gatter from Barclays came to pay her respects and she had never ever met my mother.

My father’s behaviour, to me, changed as though a switch had been flicked. Really nice one minute, selfish the next.

I was brought up by Mum and Martin learned everything that has made him what he is today by Dad; Dad, Martin and I are completely different people.

Martin and Dad are driven by greed, the desire for power and freemasonry. I, on the other hand, am none of those things; my life is dictated by a completely different covenant to them. {The fact that I still drive my 16 year old Toyota Amazon, complete with 150,000 miles and many dents, mainly due to Rosanna, tells you all that you need to know about me}

I know, very well, that all of this has been driven by money and unadulterated greed. Although my mother, Liesel and I taught Verity a different way to live, she has fallen into the same pit that drives Samantha and the rest of the family. After all, Verity did not think twice about sacrificing her father for a bit of cash with the promise of more to come.

All I want, all I have ever wanted, is a peaceful life, which is why I chose the Isle of Wight but my daughter’s false allegations put paid to that and it has never stopped, with a continued slew of spurious allegations, all at the behest of my father and brother; yes, I know that he is a Freemason too, as well as yourself and John Marriott. That is why, to protect myself, I have not now been at my house for nearly 3 months. Sanctuary Cottage is certainly no longer a sanctuary for me.

Quite frankly, I do not care a stuff about what is or is not in the will, in Harwyn or my father. He is a person who has changed from someone whom I loved into something that I no longer recognise, Alzheimer’s or not.

All I wish is the means to start over, for the fourth time. That is not an unreasonable request.

All I ask for is the advanced inheritance that Martin was given, the Harwyn dividends that I paid over to Mum and the dividends in the trust that were not paid to me. In addition, I ask for the gross dividend that I receive now to continue, without any deductions and for that to be inflation linked every two years; it does not have to be linked to what Martin gets.

Quite frankly, if Martin want to bleed the trust fund dry, let him, but as long as I receive my income.

What he does with Harwyn is also up to him, as I am sure that given his poor business knowledge, he will ruin that as he did Castle Combe Brewery and the company that took it over.

So, to summarise, I ask for the following:

  • The unpaid dividends amounting to £545,000 (plus interest)
  • The gross advanced inheritance of £1.25M
  • An annual income of £200,000, inflation linked

I will then disappear from the family and I am sure that Verity has no interest in reconciling with her Dad; it is now as though my little bundle of joy never existed.

With regard to my will, Verity and the Harwyn shares, Verity has already been cut out of my will, save for some bits and pieces, for obvious reasons. I have already paid a fortune for 4 rewrites, a pre nup and post nup agreement and I cannot afford anymore. That new will has been accepted by both the solicitor and barrister, with whom I have consulted. In “recompense”, I will gift my shares to Verity immediately and sign a legal agreement to the effect that on my Dad’s passing, Verity will gain the “Melville shares” also

The police already have evidence from Pat that all allegations that were made by Verity and/or Samantha were malicious and false. Being so close to the core family, the courts will give great weight to this. I therefore ask the harassment allegation is withdrawn.

My last request is not for me but is for my cousin, Pat, with whom I have been close until my father prohibited her from seeing or even emailing me.

At roughly the same time as he told me that he had been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s, if not the very same day, I asked him to give Pat the house that he had bought for her, on the condition that it passed back to the family on her passing, which will be sooner than anyone expected. He point blank refused saying that “he wanted to control her”. Pat is a 70 something frail woman who just wants peace and security; that is what every woman wants, especially Pat. I ask that my father accedes to the request that I made in 2015

As to my father’s will, having had rewrites done three or four times myself, I am aware that one cannot write out a son or daughter, without good cause. I know that the “illegal” will was prepared by TWM as BLP were not prepared to rewrite such a will once my father had been diagnosed. Whether this could be achieved via a side letter, I do not know; you are, after all, the lawyer.

That is it Ron, a simple solution. It may seem that I am asking for a lot of money but remote properties in Cornwall are very expensive, especially with workshops, and I just want to live out my life, doing what I love and, most importantly, in peace and safety.

That is not a lot to ask, is it? I am, for all intense and purposes, waving goodbye to millions but that is not what drives me

Samantha put it very well. She said that if we had not lived in such an expensive house, I would not have needed such a high-powered job to finance it and our lifestyle, as well as Verity’s wellbeing. But that house was really her choice; it was she who pushed me to step up the sealed offer price and borrow yet more money from my Dad.

My actions in the past have been purely those to try and redress equity. I have been brutal and rude, because I became so frustrated and to everyone (and I mean everyone), please accept my apologies.

If this can be resolved, to everyone’s satisfaction, it will be as though I never existed. Martin, my father, Samantha and Verity can do whatever they want; just please leave me alone.


If the above is not accepted, they might as well shoot me as, being Freemasons, that is well within their power.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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