Seeing the wood for the trees

A very good morning to you all. That’s a surprise, isn’t it? I don’t normally start my posts like that.

I do not know if it is fate or just coincidence but a few weeks ago, I met two lovely chaps, with their daughter; one of them turns out to be a mediator of sorts, a very wise man.

I had talked many times about my situation with him, when he was staying here and he had read my blog.

The three of them had moved out roughly two weeks ago; quite frankly “time” at the moment just flows into each day, especially with my sleep issues.

I hard started a “process” and, as he was coming into town, he asked if he could pop in and talk to me about it; he was with me for about an hour and everything that he said made sense. So, what was the outcome?

Well, the long and the short of it is that in a week or two, this blog may be closed, for good; all posts will disappear into the ether.

With my friend’s help, I have reworked the “process” and one of the solutions will be to close this blog.

I only started this blog for one reason and one reason only. I had always tried to keep an eye on Verity’s activities, as any father who has not seen his daughter for over 5 years would. I came across her blog and started to read it.

There was a section that particularly angered me and upset me; it was complete tosh. So, as I said in my first article, I was going to “fight fire with fire” but the blog morphed into something quite different and has upset a lot of people. I am sorry for that.

Verity closed her blog when I mentioned it in one of my articles and so, it only seems fair to close mine, provided, of course, that things work out as I hope.

The blog morphed into a vehicle to fight justice, primarily for myself but also for others. If matters get resolved as I hope, there is no real purpose for this blog at all as I will have got “justice” and that means that after so very long, I will be able to start a new life. The only issue is that having my house on the Isle of Wight, it will take a long time to sell and it needs a serious tidy up, as it has become a bit of a hovel. I refer to it as just my house, because it ceased to be a home in April 2016, when it was violated by that “incident”.

If and when I move to my new sanctuary and that has far more meaning that it has ever had, hopefully matters within the family will settle down. Whether I ever see Verity again, is purely down to her. I will keep her at the back of my mind but will not dwell.

There is a sad ending to this however and that refers to my Dad. I do not know how bad he is, as no one has told me anything other than “he is fine” or is”being cared for by the family” but logic dictates that his Alzheimer’s is now well advanced…{ I had to take a break because this is hard }

I want to remember my Dad as he was and not what he has become. So, I will not see my father until he has passed; that is, if the family let me, even then.

As a son. who followed my Dad into the same profession, I worshipped him, as any son would. I still remember the words that he said to me at the grand old age of 13; “son, you are 13, it is time that you come to work in my business” Yes, he had faults but he is still my Dad. He was a very clever and great businessman, building up two very successful companies, one of which I worked for, after he had finally retired.

I have been exposed to Alzheimer’s before; my beloved Mum had it but she still had a few of her faculties remaining, when she left us; she was still my Mum. Even though I will not see my Dad again, I hope that he will go the same way. If you love someone, you want the best for them, don’t you? He has had a great and successful life and he, at the very least, deserves some peace at last, even though me and the rest of the family will miss him dreadfully. But, I will go and see him, if he asks for me, despite what I have said.

Well, that is it. I have absolutely no idea as to how the next few weeks will pan out; it does not depend on me as it depends on others. My fate is literally in their hands.

Whether there will be any more posts, I do not know. Whether there will be another blog, talking about generic things, as I have done many times, I have no idea. I would like to think that I have made people change their perspective and to think in a different way.

As to what becomes of us all, we are now living in a “new normal”; something quite alien to me, as I am sure to you too.

At least, it is a beautiful morning and the sun is shining but I have already seen my first mask. Hopefully, in time, they will go and people will actually start talking to each other.

Here is to the future.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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