Bye bye my little friend

Andrea has written to me saying that one of her girlfriends will take him. I will not replicate her email but it is only right to replicate mine

Re: Decision time
David Hender
Wed 05/08/2020 15:52


  •  Andrea Jenkins
Dear Andrea,
I am not offended. I know that you have only said those things because you care.
Yes, I know that smoking and drinking makes one depressed but I have absolutely no outlet at the moment and have not had for many years now, basically ever since I came to the island. I do speak to some of the guys at the hotel and it does pass the time but what I really need is for all of this to be over and then I can start a new life well away from here.
What really cheeses me off ( I am being polite) is that absolutely no one cares save for you two. The police do nothing, my family does nothing, my daughter does nothing, the trustees do nothing.
I hear what you say about the computer but really it is my blog that has kept me going; it is a pressure valve and without that I would have gone nuts, long ago, if not ended my life.
As to William. no of course I do not want to do it but it the best thing for him but not for me. It has to be done though, so you have my blessing. I could be in this hotel for months yet and it is unfair on you going over to care for him with everything going on in your lives. As for when I had Digby, I have to be selfless and give up William as I gave up Diggers. Giving up Diggers was so that I could care for Liesel; giving up William is all because of my thoughtless and selfish family. He is all that I have left in the world. If there had been a modicum of fairness in the family, I would not have to make this decision. It is, yet another, unnecessary sacrifice that I am forced to make. I hope that Verity is pleased with herself.
William has been on Hills Science Plan for his whole life with Whiskas for his tea (half a pouch). I know that it is expensive so I will pay for the dry food for the rest of his life, unless your girlfriend bulks at that.
Every now and again, I treat him to prawns, cooked of course but if they are too big, I have to cut them up for him; he adores them. At Christmas, as it has always been just him and me, I give him a little cool turkey too.
William needs company and lots of cuddles, just like the rest of us and even though I am allergic to him, I have cuddled him from time to time, especially when I needed him to be close to me as I have been so sad. A new start is what William needs and I will never forgive Verity for forcing me to do this, EVER; she alone was the start of it all, even if it was my father’s idea. She could have said “no”.
Do you know that I do not have a single picture of William or William and me in the house? Oh well, too late now but he will always be in my thoughts. If possible, can you take some photos of William on his own and I will get them printed and framed via Photobox.
His travel basket is in the dining room and there should be a blanket in there. Please leave his Christmas pudding bed as that will be my last memory of him; it was last Christmas’s Christmas present to him from me. Please take his vet card and all of the flea and worm treatment from that first cupboard.
Please also take the food bin, as it is useful to keep his dry food in (and the mice away)  and his Whiskas too.
When William is settled, please give me your friend’s email address and I will forward everything that I have for his microchip; I will need her bank details too for the food.
When you go around to have the introductions, my medication may have been delivered by now by the surgery. I am running very low so could you please put it on a next day delivery for me. I will square up the cost, as usual.
My address is:
David Hender
Thank you for everything
I am quite sure that Verity will read this. As William was her cat originally before she deserted him and she purports to me an animal lover, she should say “STOP STOP” but she will not; she is a weakling and a coward
And if my bitch of a daughter thinks this is a hoax, HERE is Andrea’s email
Re: Decision time
You replied on Wed 05/08/2020 15:52
Andrea Jenkins <redacted>
Wed 05/08/2020 14:56

  •  You

Hi David,

Sorry, Nick dropped you that email, and it’s me thats thinking about the best thing for William, so I was going to email you separately today.
I actually have the absolutely perfect friend who would LOVE William! She is a huge animal lover, particularly gorgeous cats! She is also one of my oldest friends, I’ve known her for over 30 years, and I would trust her with my life. She would give William the most amazing home. I haven’t made any promises yet, as I wanted to make sure you want to do this, but she did seem very keen to meet him! Shall I introduce her to William?
Don’t let depression set in again.. David, there is so much in this world to bring joy, it’s just that sometimes we lose sight of it when hard stuff happens to us. I really think you need a fantastic counsellor, and – you won’t like this! – I also think time spent on computers is self destructive. It gives nothing back, and we end up in a false world. Contact with people is what we human beings need.. when the virus is over what about doing some voluntary work for something you feel passionate about? Help others in need? I think that’s very powerful, and a counsellor can help you discover what else you need to do to get and stay happy and positive.
Sorry to say this, but I’ve also been in and out of hospital over the last 6 months for my mum as you know, and now she can’t breathe because of smoking. I used to smoke, so I know the attraction, but I want to say this because I care about your health.. please give up smoking. A counsellor can help you with that too, and I found replacing it with something (I started exercising) the key, so you don’t feel deprived. But I think smoking actually makes you feel ill, because of all the toxins, and feeling ill makes you feel depressed. So if you want to avoid being depressed, you need to give up smoking. I guess you’ll have to wait until the virus is over to do all these things unless you’re super keen to do them anyway, but you could start thinking about them now? Find a good counsellor and have zoom sessions? It’s heartbreaking to see my mum as she is David, and I want to save you from the same fate while you still have the chance, which you do.
Sorry about the lecture! And I hope I haven’t offended you. I just want to try and help, and hearing you say that you’re starting to feel depressed again saddens me so much. Life is so precious, even if we don’t think it is, and lots of people don’t get the chance to live a long and happy life, so if we have that opportunity shouldn’t we at least try…
Take care David,

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