The V8 Stealth Beetle

This car was designed by Jean Fourie in South Africa. Basically, they take a Beetle body and put in on a new chassis, complete with an Audi engine and transaxle.

I have enquired as what the status of this car was in the UK and contacted the European distributor.

I have had a reply from this gentleman who says that he has never imported a car into the UK. It seems that what he has done is to get the car TUV tested in Germany, before passing onto the owner.

For a car costing around £60,000, I would have thought that it would be road registered straightaway but you will need to get it IVA tested (lots of money and no guarantee that it will pass) and to pay both VAT and import tax BEFORE  you can even get it road registered; you are talking around another £20,000 to £30,000. That makes the car very expensive and I would rather buy a Porsche Cayman for that money.

If you want to go the “cheap” way, you will have the added cost of building and modifying the Beetle body, then buy the kit, with import duty and VAT, and only then to get it IVA tested. If and I say if you pass, only then can you get it road registered. It would probably have an awful “Q” number plate.

Smoke and mirrors me thinks?

Sad because the concept is excellent

Whether Jean Fourie likes it or not, in terms of the motor laws, it IS  a kit car

In the words of Jean Fourie “we CANNOT guarantee that it will pass in your country”

Now read the update: click here:

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