Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary

I have written again to this lady and I hope that she is neither corrupt nor inept, as 99.9% of her fellow colleagues seem to be. Let’s just see how “human” she is but more to the point, does she have any humanity? Or is she like just the rest.

The continual actions of harassment and abuse by the Isle of Wight police and my family
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Thu 30/07/2020 15:16


  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)
Dear Ms Pinkney,
I am reaching out to you to hopefully resolve my situation that has now dragged on for over 4 years. As a result, I became severely agoraphobic, a matter completely ignored by the police and the courts and had come to the end of my tether that I wished to commit suicide.
Hence, I ended up paying nearly £21,000 for my time at The Priory and, so far, £2,000 to stay at this hotel establishment, all because my father contracted Alzheimer’s and decided to ruin my life in any way that he could.
Whilst the Masonic establishment is not, in itself, illegal, the Masonic conspiracy of my father, my brother and my father’s two associates, Ron Downhill and John Marriott, are. They are bound by a misguided loyalty that is all designed to ruin my life and they have done a very good job so far.
The Isle of Wight police could not be bothered to investigate my allegations that also involve my very own daughter and her mother and that led to me wanting to end my life, as I saw no way out. When I grew up, one could trust the Police but clearly not when it comes to the Isle of Wight police, who act as though they can do what they like, whether it is legal or not and whether it complies with PACE or not.
This whole saga has included false sex abuse allegations by my daughter, attempted blackmail by my father, as well as false allegations of harassment of my daughter and her mother. When it comes to the latter two, it has been purely for greed, as I have proof that they were paid money by my father to allege those false sexual abuse and actual bodily harm allegations.
Indeed, the whole saga was initiated by my father and, in a gloating tone, admitted on the telephone to me that” You have worked it all out David” but due to his illness and age, he is the only one who would not be arrested, charged or prosecuted, even though his GP’s surgery confirmed to me that my father “had mentally capacity and was being looked after by family and friends”; for that, read paid carers, which is being funded by the Hender Family Settlement.
I am not trying to be sexist but my daughter, mother and indeed my cousin have relied on the fact that if a female alleges abuse or whatever crime, the police will pursue the alleged perpetrator with vim. But when it comes to the allegations being disproved, thrown out by Surrey Police and the CPS, they know very well that the police will not pursue them for making false allegations, wasting police time or even perverting the course of justice.
Whilst this clique of conspirators enjoys their privileged lives in their expensive houses, I am left to fester in a hotel room, for 5 weeks now, trying to encourage someone to actually do something.
I have only two goals. One is to ensure that my father is being cared for and is not being subjected to elder abuse and for me to be able to start a new life, well away from the Isle of Wight. With regards to the former, although PC Martin Egerton 24492 kindly agreed to raise a crime notice,  44200247808, I have not heard a thing from Surrey Police for weeks now, since Mr Egerton raised the crime number.
It would seem that neither the Isle of Wight police or indeed Surrey Police are concerned with the elder abuse of my father but it was fortuitous that I managed to speak to PC Egerton, who clearly empathised with my many concerns.
I have to tell you Ms Pinkney that I cannot return to the Island until the matters concerning my father and myself are resolved, as they are interlinked. If I do, I will then be forced to lock myself away in my house again and risk the likely attempts by the IOW police to forcibly remove me from the house. I just wish that you had been a fly on the wall when these arrests occurred, as you would understand why I now suffer from mental illness, a matter completely ignored by all concerned.
In order to move off the island, I need funds that have been purposely withheld from me. If the conspirators will not provide me the money that is due to me, I then only have one other choice. That is to sue the Isle of Wight police for compensation, for the continued abuse, harassment, false arrest and for continually ignoring PACE, their very own rule book.
Can you imagine what the continual fighting for justice for over 4 years does to people? It destroys them, in every aspect that you can think of; financially, physically and mentally.
If I can finally get satisfaction from my family and the associates of my father, there will be absolutely no need to sue the police because I am of the mind that it is not necessary to sue purely for the sake of compensation, especially when I lead a very simple life, or rather I did.
I have attached the letter that was sent to Staff Officer Leverton 17283. He did not further any investigation into these allegations and neither did he liaise with Surrey or Avon police. In fact, he completely ignored these allegations
Ms Pinkney, as Chief Constable of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary, are you too just going to ignore everything that has happened, just as your colleagues have done and let me just exist in this unimaginable life that I am forced to lead?
With kind regards

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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