A message to the Chief Constable of Hampshire, Olivia Pinkney

This email is quite short but what I set out below is the notice of the law suit against Hampshire Constabulary, which includes the ISLE OF WIGHT POLICE

Notice of law suit

This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Tue 28/07/2020 02:55

  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)
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Email from Mrs Thornton-Dale stating that it was a trial on the 4th June 2020.pdf
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Dear Ms Pinkney,
Please see the attached. All of the information and supporting documentation is there.
Kind regards
Here is the detailed law suit letter

D.J. Hender A.C.A.

30th June 2020


Notice of law suit

Hampshire Constabulary and Isle of Wight Police


Dear Ms Pinkney,

I should first point out that I am not at the address above, as I am currently going through my second stage of recovery as a result of actions caused by you.

Around the 29th May 2020, I entered a mental spiral, so profound that I wanted to kill myself. This came about from the mental and physical abuse that I endured from you.

Your police came after me as though it was a sport and caused me significant harassment.

I decided that after all of the treatment that I had received from the police (and my family and my father’s associates), there was no point living anymore and I wanted to end all of the pain.

But I felt scared and called a friend, who subsequently called a friend living on the island. He called me and was so concerned that he telephoned 111 and within a short time, I spoke to a “counsellor” and a doctor, Dr xxxxxxxxx. I then spoke to my own GP, Dr Ali xxxxxxxxxxxx and we discussed the options.

Once I had told Dr xxxxxxxx my troubles, he made a statement that shocked me. He said that the “Isle of Wight police rule the island”

The IOW police have consistently ignored my statements that I was severely agoraphobic and that I had not left my house for months and this was pre-Covid.

On the last occasion, when the police dragged me out of the house and threw me into the back of the police van, I was, by this time, catatonic and ended up in a ball on the secure area’s floor. I heard a policewoman say “if you are comfortable there, then we will leave you”; she did not care about my mental or physical state.

On arrival at the police station, I could no longer move and had to be carried out of the van with an officer saying “stop mucking about, you will hurt my back”. I may have been catatonic but there was nothing wrong with my hearing or memory. An officer was so concerned that he kept the cell door open and watched me constantly, until I eventually fell asleep.

On the 10th February 2020, I received a call at my house from a Staff Officer Leverton 17283, asking me to attend a voluntary interview, which I now understand is referred to as a VOI in police parlance.

I now understand that he must, under PACE, inform me as to the nature of the VOI, which he did not.

Due to being scared of both the telephone and the outside world, I had installed a CCTV system that uploads everything to the internet or a memory stick to record movements from the hall but, most importantly, the kitchen. As part of this “protection system”, I also had a Dictaphone and I recorded the entire conversation with Mr Leverton, as my house phone was on speakerphone. In addition, all police action has been recorded on CCTV.

I refused stating that I was severely agoraphobic and could not leave the house. I reminded him that under PACE, he had to take this into account and he agreed. He ended the conversation stating “that he would get back to me”.

On the 12th February 2020, I had a knock at the back door and it was two officers. They said that I was under arrest. They forced themselves into the house but never gave or showed me the warrant to say that they could legally do so.

Due to going into an agoraphobic attack, one of the officers had to help me walk to the police van; I was thankful for that although the other officer did not seem to care as to my welfare

When, at the police station, I was so unsteady on my feet that they gave me a chair to sit in front of the custody sergeant.

The arresting officer reeled off a number of allegations, which included “failing to attend a VOI and defamation”. The former is not a crime, as it is a voluntary interview and I can legally refuse to attend without giving any explanation, although I did. The latter, that of defamation, is a civil offence and I cannot be arrested for that either.

Even after that debacle, the custody sergeant STILL authorised my detention, as though any allegations that were levied at someone, would lead to the authorisation of custody.

But there was worse to come.

I was then taken to an interview room and shortly after, Staff Officer Joel Leverton 17283 and a female constable came and sat down.

JL started off by saying that I “had been through a tough time”, a total understatement. I asked why I was there, as no one had actually said anything beforehand or on my arrest and he then laid a number of pages of my blog in front of me.

He said that I had been arrested for harassment, which I questioned, as UK law does not go as far as the internet. Indeed, for harassment to have to occurred, setting aside the legal jurisdiction, both my daughter and her mother would have had to:

  • Find my blog
  • Search out a page,
  • Read it and then
  • Shout “harassment”.

The analogy that I have always given is them searching for someone to shoot them and then accuse that person of attempted murder.

Indeed, during the interview, he actually supported my daughter for making a false allegation of sexual abuse and told me “to take it on the chin”. All of this is on the interview DVD

The charge that was made against me was clearly nonsensical. Indeed, it took them hours to come up with that paltry accusation. It was though they had to find something to justify my illegal arrest; I repeat illegal. I must have been in the cell for FOUR hours for them to come up with that charge using a very old act that had been superceded a number of times and bore no relation to the technological age that we now live in.

To a person with limited or no knowledge of the law, it would be “I am guilty” but I know my law, my human rights and now knowledge of PACE, all of which were infringed by Isle of Wight Police

Indeed, I have put stronger allegations in my blog against Amazon, Sainsbury’s and probably the largest corporate law firm in the UK and none of them came after me to accuse me of harassment because they all knew that it would not stick.

If I had sent such material to their home, then they would have had justification but they did not.

But it gets worse still.

I was only charged for one supposed crime but on the hearing notice, a second charge of harassment had appeared, relating to my arrest on 31st December 2019. I was not charged for this supposed offense.

Ignoring the hearing when I was catatonic, I was due to appear for a trial on the 4th June. At the time of this trial, I was on my way to The Priory, in Knaphill, for psychiatric treatment, as I had wanted to kill myself.

According to the powers at be at the Magistrates Court, this event was not a trial at all but was a “case management hearing”. It is quite clear that the courts are in league with the Police and are doing their best to ensure that I am prosecuted.

I have contacted a lawyer and availed her of all of the papers and emails. She has unequivocally stated that the event on the 4th June WAS a trial and that due to my mental illness, which still persists to this day, the magistrates should have dismissed the case as I was not fit for trial.

I will shortly be suing the two magistrates who allowed the hearing, when I was catatonic, to continue and will be reporting them to the Magistrates’ Council also.

The law suit and reporting to the council is not only with regard that they allowed the hearing to continue but they showed a blatant disregard to the fact that the arresting officers and staff officer Leverton breached the Police and Criminal Evidence Act on multiple occasions. From the behaviour of the magistrates, it was as though such serious breaches really did not matter and it was clear to me, even in the state that I was, that I was being railroaded.

It was also at this hearing that I contracted Covid-19

Even before the debacle of the hearing, I had made specific allegations against my father, my family, including my daughter and some of my father’s associates. Staff officer Leverton’s attitude was that he did not care and he was not going to investigate such allegations, even though they were extremely serious in nature. Most of the allegations were directed at my father and given Leverton’s reluctance to even investigate, I can come to only one conclusion. My father is a mason, my brother is a mason, my father’s associates John Marriott and Ron Downhill are masons and I suspect that Leverton is a mason as well; either that or a superior who is a mason has told him to ignore the allegations.

But Surrey Police have now been asked to investigate as I came across a police constable who was not corrupt but was eminently sensible. On my behalf, it is he who has reported all events to Surrey Police and, as that constabulary is outside your jurisdiction, there is nothing that you or any of your colleagues can do about it.

This all started in April 2016, when I was arrested on the island for alleged sexual abuse of my daughter, as well as actual bodily harm. To cut a long story very short, I proved my innocence and both Surrey Police and the CPS had no choice whatsoever but to throw the case out. But the Isle of Wight police had not only violated my home, which is now just a house and not a home, but they also violated my late partner’s special dresses, which were in sealed boxes but which were thrown around by the police as though they were rags.

I will be suing Surrey Police and, in particular, DC Hollie Say 40254 and DS Glenn Parker 236 for their conduct during the interrogation and events that occurred afterwards. In addition, I will be suing DI Alick James 3638, staff officer to the Chief Constable of Surrey for his conduct with regards to the blackmail attempt that my father made to me

All of the later events are well known to the IOW police as they have been tracking my blog but they have done nothing to instigate an investigation against my family and that includes my daughter who falsely accused me of the disgusting crimes, as well as her mother who conspired with my father, for money, to allege crimes of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm, back in 2016 and, more recently, alleged harassment via the internet.

The fact of the matter is that the Isle of Wight Police have done me serious harm, ranging from physical abuse to harassment, leading to me wanting to commit suicide.

I will therefore be suing the Hamsphire Constabulary and Isle of Wight Police for significant damages and a private prosecution will be undertaken against Staff Officer Leverton 17283.

Please do not insult my intelligence in suggesting that the proper way of complaining is via either the PSD or the IOPC. I have tried both on numerous occasions and they have always leant in favour of the Police. But, this time, I have lots of proof and in Staff Officer Leverton’s own words too, both in the telephone conversation and the interview.

If you have a measure of common sense, I suggest that you instruct the Isle of Wight police to cease all actions against me and that you, as Chief Constable, confirm by a letter, attached to an email, that I am FULLY exonerated of all so called allegations.

Then, I make take your actions into mitigation before bringing in the big legal guns.

I therefore ask you to propose a compensation package that will not be disclosed, by legal agreement and certainly not on my blog.

I remind you that I have extremely good legal and forensic skills and it was these skills that enabled me to prove my innocence regarding the allegations made in April 2016. I only used a solicitor as a conduit but all of the proof was derived by myself.

It has taken me nearly a month to write this letter, given that I have had to pause many times, as this whole saga has and continues to cause me so much pain.

Yours sincerely,

David John Hender

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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