A message to Ron Downhill, consultant at Berwin Leighton Paisner and tax and legal advisor to the Hender Family Settlement as well as being a MASON TOO

This is Ron Downhill
I am using “both barrels” when it comes to Ron Downhill, who knows damn well that he is right up to his neck in it, as does:
Lisa Mayhew (Managing partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner)
Teresa Pritchard ( Co chair of the merger of the two partnerships, though not really)
Clare Edwards (UK solicitor and trust officer to the Hender Family Settlement)
Andrew Lugg (Chief Executive officer of the Paicolex Trust Management group)
The ongoing saga
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Mon 27/07/2020 13:57


  •  Ron Downhill


  •  Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  •  Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman);
  •  Gaby Kaiser
+2 others
(Teresa Pritchard and Lisa Mayhew)
Dear Ron,
Given that we have known each other for a long time, I am saddened and disappointed that you will not even acknowledge my existence.
You are the legal and tax advisor to the trustees and therefore you have been fully involved with everything that has gone on with respect to my relationship with the trust. Not only that, you must have given the “green light” for the interest free loan to be made to Martin, the other beneficiary, as well as the provision of an unsecured or partially secured loan to my brother.
You are well aware that the trustees to the Hender Family Settlement have broken the law, namely the unilateral amendment to the loan agreement that you, yourself, drew up and, as the legal advisor to the settlement, you have, by your action (or indeed inaction) confirmed that they are in their right to break the law.
Everyone is aware (Lisa Mayhew, Teresa PritchardClare Edwards and Andrew Lugg), including you, the nature of the actions that the trustees have taken against me. Save for the bricks and mortar sitting on the isle of Wight, I have lost everything financially related and this was at your bidding.
You said a while ago that you and Thomas, who has now left Paicolex, are not my enemies
Ron Downhill - we are not your enemies
This is clearly not the case as you have sided with my father and John Marriott throughout this five year debacle.
You flatly denied being a mason.
Ron Downhill - I am not a mason
Given your actions, this cannot possibly be the case. How could a person, with whom I associated for years, over many matters, allow what you are allowing to happen to me? This is not “just business”, this is outright persecution. One assumes that you have a degree of humanity. How could you let this happen to me? You would not even consider doing such a thing to your son or daughter. After all, my father denied being a mason his entire life and it was only Pat, my cousin, who confirmed that not only was my father a mason but my brother and John Marriott were too.
Indeed, I liken your behaviour to that of John Marriott, who would swear that black is white, if that is what my father determined; the debacle over the ownership of my Harwyn shares is thus so easily explained, as it was John Marriott who acted as the so called arbitrator but, to be an arbitrator, one has to be totally neutral. And, of course, the nature of the instructions that he is giving to the trustees (and probably you) explains all of that.
John Marriott is purely a snake in the grass, just like you are, I am sorry to say.
It is not a big step to take to come to the conclusion that you actually ARE a mason too. There is no other reason to explain your behaviour; absolutely none.
I have been consistently asked to justify payments being made or loans being granted  but I am damn sure that the loans that my brother has been granted, or indeed the extra dividends, were not subject to such scrutiny, as those loans, as well as the dividends paid to him, were done “on the nod” of my father
Given your tax expertise, I assume that you have put a trust in place, very similar to the Hender Family Settlement but for your own children and their issue. You are thankfully fine now but what if you go the way of my father, contract dementia and then start attacking one or both of your children? That is something that you cannot possibly comprehend now but whether you get Alzheimer’s and dementia, is not determined by wealth, colour, creed or even age. My father has been an active man all of his life but he has succumbed to this awful disease. If you believe that you will not get, then you are very short sighted, especially given your age now; hopefully, it will not happen to you but it may.
Given the nature of my dreadful treatment, you are well aware that I have scheduled, for reposting, an article that warns off potential or current clients of either Berwin Leighton Paisner or Paicolex Trust Management AG or both.
Whilst the numbers of views are in their 50s, one has to apply the rule of 3 or 4. For every person who reads the article, they will tell 3 or 4 others and so on. Before long, thousands will know about what Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex are up to and with regards to their attitude to beneficiaries in specific cases. It is, in all and intense and purposes, a VIRUS . Then, it will start to hit the bottom line of both organisations.
It is clear to me that like John Marriott, my father and brother, you will not help me so that I can escape from the island and start a new life; you ARE imprisoning me. I am just as imprisoned in this hotel room as I am on the Isle of Wight.
If you “advised” the trustees to release the dividends that are due to me, which has accumulated substantial interest, along with maybe a loan, then I could be free and could leave my house that was so badly violated when I was falsely accused of that disgusting sexual abuse. Just ask your wife how she would feel.
But, you will not, because you lack humanity and are, without a shadow of doubt, a MASON. You will ensure that my father’s wishes, even though they have come from a very sick and sadly delusional man, are carried out to the letter, totally ignoring the fact that my father has been suffering from severe Alzheimer’s for many years now and is now so bad that he has to be cared for around the clock, a matter that Lisa MayhewTeresa PritchardClare Edwards and Andrew Lugg have ignored now for many years too.
I would really like you all to be in my shoes for a week or two and then the dismissive attitude of you all would radically change.
My goal is to embarrass both Berwin Leighton and Paicolex Trust Management until there is a major sea change in your joint attitudes and you will not be surprised to learn that this email will be published in full on my blog.
It is not just my financial wellbeing that is at stake; it is also my physical and mental wellbeing. Since a largish portion of my parietal lobe was chopped out of me when I was 16, I have not been able to cope with stress and that has caused numerous breakdowns and seizures. But, on top of that, my psoriasis is now very severe and is so bad that a day after my hotel sheets are changed, they are covered in gunk and blood.
Or is your failure to act all to do with your chum, Thomas Meier, who I complained about, for his failure to conduct himself as a trustee and he was then removed? Even though he was very amiable, he had only himself to blame because he had the legal right to say an emphatic “NO” to my father but, because of your masonic links, he was unable to do so, as that would have caused a rift between you and your chum.
Not his chum? Thomas emailed me and said “I would put my arm in a fire for Ron”. He even stayed with you at your home, when my divorce hearing was underway and he was due to appear in front of the judge.
Neither you, my father or Thomas actually cared about me. It was more to do with Rosanna’s proactive lawyer trying to attack the trust. So much for you saying “there is no need to worry about this barrister, he is from the sticks”. How wrong you were.
I will not give up. I cannot give up, as it is my future at stake. I have already lost 5 years of my life and I will not lose anymore.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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