A question of balance

I have been suffering from poor balance for quite some time now and to the “man in the street”, it looks as though I am drunk, even if I am stone cold sober. This has really worried me.

So, Dr Trend, my neurological consultant for many years, arranged for a full screen blood test; that was about a week ago. I saw him yesterday, the 24th July at Mount Alvernia Hospital. It was so good to see a friendly face for once, as I now have very few; three to be exact.

The outcome? Well, it was not great. My anti convulsant Tegretol levels were quite high. We discussed if the dose should be lowered but that would give rise to not only more night seizures but also day seizures too. If the latter happened, I would be forbidden from driving and I would then be REALLY ISOLATED. That was a risk that I was not prepared to take and we agreed to keep it at the same dose.

As for what I call my “wonder drug”, Keppra, that was very low and so he has increased it from 750mg twice a day to a 1,000mg twice a day; for me that is a big jump.

The real reason for seeing him was my poor balance. He said that “if they take a huge chunk out of your parietal lobe, it is hardly surprising that you have poor balance” This is the reason for having no coordination in my left hand and left part of my body and sometimes I will slur my words also, as though I was drunk.

As I have got older, the brain slowly changes and my balance has worsened, so much so that I could not risk riding a bicycle now. The poor balance is also down to the intense stress that my family, my daughter and the police have put me under.

So, there is really nothing that can be done. My balance will certainly improve a little if, all of the pressures that have been put on me, cease. It is little surprise that I have been affected so much as the stress has been constant, ever since I was illegally arrested for those false abuse allegations.

Once Verity put those into motion, the police, who hate such abuse, false or otherwise, treated me like absolute scum and I will never be the same again. It is Verity who I have to thank for that.

So, I criticised the police for the poor handling of the case, both Surrey Police and Isle of Wight Police, so they now treat my harassment and abuse as though it was a sport; completely ignoring both the law (PACE) and my human rights. They simply ignored my agoraphobia and handled me like a rag doll, as did the pathetic and corrupt courts.

How can you conduct a hearing for a man who is catatonic? You simply cannot do that but they ignored all of the regulations so that they could get a tick in the box. They now say that the trial was not a trial, so that they can abuse and harass me some more and added an event for which I was not charged into the mix for good measure.

Verity could stop all of this but she is a coward. The real joke of it all is that given the attitude of the police to women, she will never be charged or even arrested, if she comes clean. That is why this is all so frustrating.

With all of this nonsense going on, I have been forced to give up my beloved cat and chum, William, as it is neither fair on him nor his temporary carers, my friends, Nick and Andrea.

What saddens me is that I had to give up my dog, Digby, in order to look after my darling Liesel and now I am forced to give up William, all thanks to Verity’s lack of action and interest in her Dad’s well being.

I will NEVER forgive her for forcing me to do that.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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