Verity Hender and Samantha Parkinson- putting their cards on the table (further updated – additions highlighted in blue)

Whether Verity or her mother are prepared to do this, I have no idea but I am going to try. Verity may but it is unlikely that her mother will as she hates me with a vengeance and the feelings are pretty mutual. But, if Verity does this good thing, then her mother may not need to make such a statement, as the Police may finally put two and two together and finally admit that I am innocent of all crimes. In the first 53 years of my life, I was not charged with any crime but, since April 2016, I have been charged with or have suffered:

  • False accusations of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm (of my daughter)
  • Attempted blackmail (by my father)
  • Harassment of my daughter and mother

If Verity or her mother are not prepared to do this directly to the Police, the “family lawyer”, Ron Downhill of Berwin Leighton Paisner can, I am sure, arrange communication with the Police forces of both Surrey and Hampshire/Isle of Wight

I have written this, to try and act as a catalyst to end this 4 year very painful debacle

Updated draft written statement on behalf of Verity Jade Beatrice Hender

and in full

Updated draft written statement by Verity Jade Beatrice Hender

I, Verity Hender, do hereby make this statement of my own free will and without coercion by any party.

I am aware that my father, David Hender, has instigated a Police investigation into all matters from April 2016 to the current time. I am also aware that the main target of this investigation is my granddad, William Thomas Hender, with many family members and my mother also implicated.

My granddad is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s and will be 90 in November of this year. To avoid any stress or discomfort to my granddad, whom I dearly love, I need to now declare the truth concerning my father and the allegations that I made.

  1. My father did not sexually abuse me or cause me actual physical harm
  2. My father did not cause me, whether directly or indirectly, harassment of any sort whatsoever

Reasons for the false allegations

My granddad, due to his illness, convinced me to allege the crime of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm. He also paid money to my mother who convinced me also. With this money, my mother and I went on a luxury holiday to Scotland.


  1. My granddad also convinced me to allege harassment on two separate occasions. I was never harassed by anything that my father said on his blog. Yes, some of the things that he said were hurtful but, given what I have put him through, it was a natural reaction to the hurt that I caused him


  1. My mother convinced me to make the harassment allegations. My mother and biological father, David Hender, have had a tumultuous relationship since their divorce when I was still a baby and there is a great deal of acrimony between the two of them. As a result of the false allegations to sexual abuse and actual bodily harm, my Dad tried to get my mother fired from her job, due to an incident of embezzlement, for which my mother was never arrested or charged and was settled privately with the assistance of my granddad, as a result of the intervention of my Dad. Out of sheer spite, my mother persuaded me to allege the crimes of harassment. I followed my Dad’s blog of my own free will.

The reason for the continuous acrimony was due to a number of reasons:

  • The divorce was staged. Firstly my mother wanted a trial separation but after the end of it, my mother demanded a divorce. She was having an affair with my Dad’s best friend, who is now my step father. My Dad got suspicious and went round to the marital home early one morning, only to find his best friend’s car there. My mother admitted adultery in the divorce agreement.
  • My mother flatly refused my Dad’s request of joint custody
  • As a result, my Dad feels that he was set up from the start
  • My mother received a very large portion in the divorce settlement, even though my Dad paid for the mortgage and most of the running costs.; my Dad was left with even less than before he met my mother. As a result of the harsh settlement, my Dad was left with so little money that he had to live with my grandparents for 6 months and only managed to buy a small house with the financial help of my granddad. Shortly after the divorce and my mother moved into her new house in Daymerslea Ridge, she undertook a lot of building work. Where did the money come from for this?
  • My mother spent a lot of the maintenance, paid by my Dad for my welfare, on herself; clothes and handbags. It was me who told my Dad this.
  • No thanks was given to my Dad for arranging for my mother to be bailed out when she was caught embezzling from her employer (Michael Jordan Caravans) and neither did she ever thank my granddad, who put up the money (around £450,000) to prevent my mother from going to prison. My Dad did it purely for me, as he did not want to take me to a prison to see my mother.
  • My father continually received the dregs of the holidays and saw little of me. Year after year, all of the holidays had to fit around my mother. He also rarely saw me for the special occasions; Father’s Day, Christmas and Boxing Day
  • My mother continually refused information as to what was in her own bank account, to her then husband, my Dad and strongly believes that she was dishonest in her divorce financial declaration
  • My Dad always believed there was excuse after excuse as to why he could not see me and he could not spent the special times with me that would have strengthened the bond between us. I became too loyal to my mother.
  • My Dad believes that my mother destroyed the relationship between me and him by conspiring with my granddad to allege the sexual abuse and actual bodily harm of me

I am aware that although my granddad instigated one/both allegations, he cannot be held accountable or arrested, due to his infirmity and age.

I was young and impressionable and made a huge mistake, one that has caused my Dad a great deal of pain, leading eventually to him wanting to end his life, which led to him seeking psychiatric care at The Priory.

Although my father has publicly forgiven me, I do not know if I can face him as I have caused him so much hurt. I know that he desperately wants to see me but I do not know if I am able.

I am well aware that I have ruined his “new life” on the Isle of Wight and that, as a result, he wants to return to a quiet place on the mainland to really heal and restart his life.

I wish for six matters to be put into action with immediate effect:

  1. He is FULLY exonerated of the alleged crime of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm (Surrey Police) and a letter of apology is emailed to him by Surrey Police. This apology letter will not limit their liability
  2. He is FULLY exonerated of the alleged crime of harassment via his blog (Isle of Wight Police) and a letter of apology is emailed to him by the Isle of Wight Police. This apology letter will not limit their liability
  3. The case against my Dad is dismissed and is struck from the records, to be confirmed to him by email
  4. The abuse and harassment that my Dad has endured from the Isle of Wight Police immediately ceases and that the Isle of Wight Police send a letter of apology to him by email. This apology letter will not limit their liability
  5. All property that has been seized by the Isle of Wight Police is returned to his house by the Police, at a prearranged time, as my father will never enter the police station again, given what he has been put through.
  6. A statement is sent to my father by the Isle of Wight Police, to the effect that there will be no further action him and the case is closed
  7. The investigation of an alleged crime committed by my granddad and/or family members and my grandfather’s associates ceases.

Due to the hurt and damage, both physical and psychological that has been caused to my father, compensation will be paid to my Dad but done so privately. In addition, all matters to which my Dad has had issues with for so long, such as with the Hender Family Settlement, will be resolved to his satisfaction.

I end this statement by apologising unreservedly to my Dad, whom I dearly love, for the hurt that has been caused and to both the Surrey and Isle of Wight Police for making false allegations and for wasting police time.


Well, that is it.Let’s see if she is woman enough to admit her mistakes. We all make mistakes but it is always a question of whether you can admit to them or not.

If she does not and the whole can of worms is tipped upside down, it will eventually lead to her and, now that she is an adult, they will throw the book at her and the career, for which she worked so hard for at university, will be over before it really begins.

But there is one thing that will surprise you. Although my relationship with Verity’s mother, Samantha, has been mostly full of acrimony, even if we did help each other out at times, one of my favourite songs was the one that we chose to include on our wedding video.

The reason? Without that marriage, my darling Verity would never have been born and, for a time, I was in love with Samantha. You will have to ask her if she was ever in love with me. And now, the song, sung by Louis Armstrong; the words meant everything to me

I have deleted the link now. Anyone who wanted to hear it for the right reasons would have done so by now.

One more thing; I will not step foot on the Isle of Wight until all of this is resolved; certainly, a confirmation that the police are off by back, at the very least


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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