A message to Clare Edwards, one of the trustees of the Hender Family Settlement

Here we go, all self explanatory
Re: Reimbursement
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Tue 14/07/2020 17:31

  •  Clare Edwards

  •  Ron Downhill;
  •  Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
  •  Andrew Lugg;
  •  Gaby Kaiser
PC Martin Egerton email re Elder Abuse.pdf
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Dear Ms Edwards,
You are being incredibly disingenuous and hypocritical.
Although it was before your time, you know damn well that Martin has received those extra dividends  (and probably did not even declare them) and then he received the so called advanced inheritance. That is an untaxed extra “income” of £1.8M.
We all know that Dad secretly instructed Thomas to give Martin that money and he then stood up at my divorce hearing and swore under oath that ” he treated both sons equally”. My father has never treated us equally; he has always favoured Martin and now Marriott is doing the same as my father is now incapable of making rational decisions. Marriott is like a puppet on a string where my father is concerned; he will do anything that has been asked of him, even if it is illegal or immoral.
Yes, I have had two divorces but that was down to the devious and illegal actions of two women. Even my Dad said that I had been unfairly treated but he did little about it.
I put it down to his illness but nevertheless he has favoured Martin over me and my so called brother has never “been there” for either Mum or Dad but he is always there when money is around and he just holds his hand out. That is the only time that he has interest in my father.
Martin did not even need that money, because he was already far wealthier than I have ever been. There has to be a balance but it is also a question of need. When he returned to the UK, he bought his house for cash and has not had a mortgage ever since. I have had a mortgage/loan since my first house in Guildford.
Clearly, my father’s sick mind has determined that I will stay imprisoned on the island and you, as a trustee, have gladly helped him by going along with unilaterally amending my signed, witnessed and executed loan agreement.
Back in 2017, I believe that Ron Downhill was genuinely concerned about my large outflows. Then, the cost of the cream was not too bad but with everything else that has gone on, all incited by my father, Marriott and Martin no doubt, the psoriasis has gone to a new severe level and I now buy the cream in bulk, 20 tubes at a time, as I now use at least one tube A DAY.
Ron was seriously considering reimbursing me then but I said that it was only a small amount of money. Now, it is a staggeringly high amount of money and the cream is not available on the NHS (I will show you the orders if you do not believe me, which you plainly do not.)
As to other costs, I had to leave the Priory because, at £6,500 PER WEEK, my bank account was seriously being drained. Remember why I was in there in the first place; because you, my so called family, Marriott and the Police pushed me so hard that I wanted to kill myself. So, you do not care if I kill myself then? What a horrible person you are with zero moral code and absolutely no empathy. I would love to see you in my position and then you would squeal like a little girl, as you would say you have been treated unfairly and unfairly, as I have been treated.
Of course, that is not the end of my treatment. I could not go back to the island because you and the rest of them have been relentless in your persecution of me. I would be back in the Priory in a week if I didn’t kill myself first and then you and the rest of those who have damaged me would have
I am not cured of my agoraphobia, not by a long chalk and am stuck in this hotel. One of the receptionists kindly gets my supply of cigarettes for me and I have to rely on takeaways. As all of the companies are now “making hay whilst the sun shines” because of Covid, costs of just a simple pizza have gone through the roof. It is costing me over £20 a day in food and that is just for one meal, as I cannot afford to cover those costs more than once a day. I am starving by the evening. Compare that with three meals a day and as many non-alcoholic drinks that I could consume at the Priory. Even one of the nurses there got my cigarettes for me.
But on top of that, it is costing me £650 for every 2 weeks here and I have now been here for 3 weeks; I have now paid for four.
The hotel is dreadful. Being cheap, there are a lot of homeless people here and most of them are on drugs. The waft of burning cannabis into my bedroom is disgusting. The staff are nice but, being cheap, it attracts guests who are the lowest of the low. Drunk, throwing up and smoking cannabis is accompanied by a great deal of noise; they do not care about anyone else. So, apart from my psoriasis giving me no respite to sleep, I have them to contend with too. No aircon and very basic amenities means that I am having a very poor time.
When I go out for a smoke, as this hotel has a bit of a reputation, the other guests consider me to be homeless too and give me a very wide birth. So, I have a simple room with no amenities, which is boiling hot, every single day and I am treated like a pariah.
I cannot move hotels. This is the cheapest I could find and it was hard enough to leave the security and safety of the Priory to come to this hotel, not known by me.
And on top of that, my friends are having to drive across the island daily to feed my beloved cat, William. They have now looked after him for 5 weeks and I do not know much I can put them through, as they both work and are very busy people.
If this goes on much longer, I will either have to give them William or if they do not want him, which is likely, as they have enough on their plates, I will have to ask them to have William put down. He was Verity’s cat originally and as an animal lover, she will be mortified, as will I, because I will have no company whatsoever in the future. And I will not be able to say goodbye to my old friend.
By refusing me reimbursement and refusing me the dividend that was paid to Martin, you are as guilty as my father, brother and daughter for screwing up my life.
I also know that money has been paid out of Harwyn to Martin, over £320,000 of probably untaxed extra income.
No doubt, Martin will want more so Harwyn will be sold, with him trying to exclude me, even though I hold shares in the company. He is just going to sell up everything that Dad worked for so very hard to make himself even richer and me, even poorer.
I know that my father approached BLP to change his will but, as he was unfit to make a new will, he went to TWM instead.
I thought that the idea of a trustee was to look after the beneficiaries and not favour one to the detriment of the other. As a trustee, you are not looking after me and I need serious financial help, as well as all of the so called allegations considered to be null and void.
So, this is what BLP, you, Paicolex, Ron and my daughter want for me then? An even more miserable life than I had when I was on the island in my violated house.
But you can fix that. Provided Marriott does not get in the way, you can reimburse me the costs that I have incurred together with releasing the dividend that was only paid to Martin. Of course, you need to reverse all of the illegal unilateral deductions that you have made over the last few years as well. I dread to think what other money has been paid to him and not me.
Verity needs to do her part too. She needs to own up to all of her lies and false allegations. Only then, can I consider moving back to the island, once I know that the police have backed off.
Of course, I am counting down the days until Surrey Police go to Timberchace and see what the hell is going on. That will inevitably lead to Martin’s, Verity’s and her mother’s arrest. Then, they will go after Ron and BLP. If you don’t believe me, find attached one of the emails that I have received from the police
I suggest that you reconsider everything and NOW!

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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